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How To Save The Earth! By: Isamar.

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1 How To Save The Earth! By: Isamar

2 What is Global Warming? Global Warming is when the whole earth gets hot and then the sun rays get trapped in the earth and the invisible atmosphere but then some of the sun rays go to the earth and keeps the earth hot

3 Cause of Global Warming
Leaving the lights on or anything electrical… It creates Green House Gas… That Is Called Electrical Pollution…

4 Cause of Global Warming
Car Emissions are pollutant of the air that we breathe… These car emissions pollute our air with car gases… These gasses are green house gas and they turn up the temperature of the earth which makes the earth hotter…

5 What Can We Do To Make It Better?
Turn off the lights or any electrical items when your not using them… Instead of using so many cars start taking the bus or trains to stop polluting gas to our earth... And stop cutting down trees because trees keep our air cool when they shake…

6 What Do Hurricanes Have to Do with Global Warming?
Hurricanes have to do with global warming cause as water warms up, the air above it becomes windier and more humid—and huge storms can form above water, known as hurricanes.

7 Hurricane Katrina At first it was not strong enough to do any major damage or hurt many people. At this time, it was crossing over Florida into the Gulf of Mexico (from the light blue dots to the red dots). But when it reached the Gulf of Mexico, the water was so warm and the air was windy and humid, so Hurricane Katrina gained a lot of strength. It turned into one of the strongest and deadliest hurricanes ever!!

8 What Happened After the Hurricane?
People as well as animals died: Houses, schools and hospitals were destroyed, and flooding also occurred. In some cases, the water even filled up entire houses!!

9 What is Energy? Energy is what we use to keep us alive like we need stoves to cook food and in the winter we need heaters, and we also need energy for use of computers.

10 [Source of Non-Renewable energy]
You can’t reuse it…like a plastic bag if you put heavy foods or anything heavy in the bag it will brake. It will brake because the bag is very cheap. It effects the environment because it releases carbon dioxide.

11 [Source of Renewable energy]
You can reuse solar power. Solar power is energy that you can use from the sun.

12 What is Recycling? It will help the plants from not getting cut down to much, it will help the animals by not eating the food on the ground. Reduce , Reuse , Recycle. Paper, Plastic , Cans and, Bottles.

13 Why Should We Recycle? It will help the earth.
It will help the animals. It will help the trees from getting cut down.

14 How Do We Recycle? We should take off the caps when we are going to recycle to save the whole bottle and when u recycle it helps to save the trees because we can use the paper again.

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