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A Business Proposal and Plan

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1 A Business Proposal and Plan
Manufacturing of Anti-Malaria Drug, Artemisinin, in Sub-Sahara Africa: (Nigeria). A Business Proposal and Plan

2 The Problem - Malaria Today approximately 40-percent of the World’s population is at risk of Malaria. Malaria causes more than 300 million acute illnesses, (compare to 40 million with AIDS). 90-percent of deaths due to Malaria occur in Sub-Sahara Africa, and mostly young children. Malaria kills an average of 2,000 African children a day. Pregnant women and their unborn children are particularly vulnerable to Malaria, which is a major cause of prenatal mortality, low


4 A Temporary Solution Several major initiatives are planning to fund the manufacture of insecticide treated nets at $10/net Nets last for a maximum of 5 years The solution is temporary

5 The Need for Change “Artemisinin”, is one of the most effective drugs for treating Malaria today. Several studies have shown that Artemisinin is 97-percent effective in treating multi-drug resistant Falciparum malaria infections, with no side effects and shorter duration of recovery. The old Malaria drugs are no longer effective. Nets alone will not eradicate malaria.

6 Arteminsnine from Artemisin Annua
The main ingredient in Artemisinin-based combination therapies, (ACTs)

7 The Opportunity ACT medications are produced in Europe and imported to African Countries at about $9 per dose. A study conducted by Tanzania’s National Institute for Medical Research showed that if produced locally in Africa, it could be sold for an affordable $2 per dose in all African Countries.

8 Proposal This Business Proposal is to setup a state of art Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company, to be called Pharmafric Drug Company in Africa : (Nigeria).

9 Purpose The purpose of this company shall be:
To manufacture Artemisinin for the treatment of Malaria for Africans. To locally farm, harvest, extract, purify and manufacture Artemisinin from its plant or other sources. To build a permanent infrastructure networks to deliver its products & services throughout the whole Africa. To research into preventive measures, such as indoor residence spraying, mosquito nets and education of the public. To make itself an expert in the Prevention, Treatments and Eradication of Malaria in Africa.

10 The Market PharmAfric would be a major supplier to all ECOWAS countries. ECOWAS is a group of 16-members West African countries with Trade and Economic Agreements with no boundary. This is a huge cash paying market.

11 The Cost The total projected cost is about $15 millions.
This estimated cost includes the Plant & Machinery, farming of the plant, (Artemisia annua), starting up cost, payroll/operating cost for 2-years.

12 Success Indicators The Labor market is plentiful, cheap and educated.
The plant could be farmed locally, and hence there is nothing to import after the initial investment. Parametric is seeking a Grant, Donation or Loan The required Plant & Machinery would have to be imported from United States or Europe. Artemisia annua would be grown

13 Solar Power Needed for operation of farms, manufacturing plants and offices Major business opportunity given recent solar power improvements and innovations

14 Management The management team will be led by Mr. Edward Olusegun Ayanbiola. Mr. Ayanbiola is a 55-years old Nigerian citizen, who has lived in United States for over 31-years. Mr. Ayanbiola has agreed to return back to Africa permanently to begin and direct this project. The estimated starting date is July 2008. Mr. Ayanbiola is a Pharmacist by profession. He obtained his Pharmacy Degree from Howard University, Washington DC in He has worked in different capacities as a Pharmacist/Pharmacy Manager in Washington DC metropolitan area, including owning & managing his own Professional Drugstore for several years.

15 Pharmafric Drug Company 9900 Greenbelt Road, Suite E-258,
Lanham, MD USA Tel: (301) Fax: (301)

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