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Algebra I Extended Session April 26, 2012 8:30-11:00 Rooms 602.

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1 Algebra I Extended Session April 26, 2012 8:30-11:00 Rooms 602

2 Welcome & Introductions

3 Outcomes Participants will: Understand implementation plan for transitioning to Common Core curriculum. Engage in tasks and activities that will be part of Algebra I curriculum next year. Explore curricular resources webpage designed to support teachers through transition Learn about professional development opportunities to support teachers with new content

4 Standards for Mathematical Practices Writing Standards Beginning implementation of Common Core instruction Full MCCSC Implementation New Teacher and Principal Evaluation Instruments PARCC Assessment Field Testing Full PARCC Assessment Implementation

5 5 PARCC Timeline SY 2011-12 Development begins SY 2012-13 First year pilot/field testing and related research and data collection SY 2013-14 Second year pilot/field testing and related research and data collection SY 2014-15 Full administration of PARCC assessments SY 2010-11 Launch and design phase Summer 2015 Set achievement levels, including college-ready performance levels

6 End-of-Year Assessment Innovative, computer- based items Performance-Based Assessment (PBA) Extended tasks Applications of concepts and skills Summative assessment for accountability Formative assessment Diagnostic Assessment Early indicator of student knowledge and skills to inform instruction, supports, and PD Speaking and Listening Flexible Mid-Year Assessment Performance-based Emphasis on hard-to- measure standards Potentially summative Refinements to the PARCC Assessment Design English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics, Grades 3-11

7 Understanding the Transition to Common Core Teams of Howard County Math Teachers, ITLs, and MISTs developed the transition plan: Examined cohorts of students Examined what pre-requisite skills would be necessary to be successful for each Common Core course Examined what skills students have currently obtained Determined how best to fill in gaps to meet needs Organized information into the transition plan

8 What will Algebra I look like in 2012-2013? In 2012-2013, students will be receiving most of the Common Core Algebra I curriculum with notes about preparation for the HSA. Some gaps will exist, so there will be notes about blended curriculum and other standards/objectives to teach to depth. Algebra I and Algebra I Seminar will follow the same sequence.

9 2012-2013 Essentials 5 Instructional Units Structure of Common Core Purple bold notes regarding content for 2012-2013 Yellow highlights will be taught in MS Algebra this year only.

10 Activity 1: The Lacrosse Tournament The Parks and Recreation Department is planning a tournament for club lacrosse teams in the area. Sixty-four teams have entered to play. Teams will be placed in a single elimination bracket at random. Four fields are available for tournament use. Games will only be played on Saturdays from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm. Games are 40 minutes in length. Ten minutes is allotted for half time and 10 minutes for teams to warm up. A team can plan only one round each Saturday. Your job is to report how many fields are being used each Saturday during the tournament. The parks department also needs to know how much available field space they have each weekend for other activities.

11 Activity 1 Debrief Share your solution with other groups. What mathematical concepts & skills were necessary to complete the task? Look at Unit 2—when might a task like this be introduced?

12 Examining the Algebra I Crosswalk What is a crosswalk document? How should it be used? What does the crosswalk mean for Algebra I?

13 Short Break

14 Activity 2: A Statistical Analysis of Facebook

15 On July 6, 2011, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the rumors that there are now 750 million Facebook users in the world.

16 The blogger Ben Foster has compiled a table of user data from 2004 through 2011.

17 Activity 2 Debrief Share your solutions with other groups. What mathematical concepts & skills were necessary to complete the task? Look at the Unit 2—when might a task like this be introduced? How does this activity compare to The Lacrosse Tournament task?

18 Mini-Lesson: Understanding Residuals Use the Airfare data to find an equation for line of best fit. Calculate the difference between the actual airfares and the expected airfare prices. What do you notice?

19 Why are residuals important? Residuals help to determine how well the model is fitting the data. If a pattern exists in the residual plot, then the model selected may not be appropriate for the data. If the residual plot is random and the residuals are close to 0, then the model may be appropriate.

20 How do you know if there is a pattern?


22 Where do I find resources? We have developed websites to help support you as you teach these transition courses. You do not need to join as a member or input any passwords to access the resources!! The main page to visit: t/ t/




26 Next Steps Spring 2012: Lessons/tasks/resources will continue to be developed Summer 2012: Teams will continue to develop additional resources for Algebra I Summer 2012: Algebra I CPD course (3 credits) will be offered for math teachers and special educators

27 Summer CPD Offerings All courses will run weekdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Enhancing Instruction in the Algebra I Classroom: July 16-25, 3 CPD Credits

28 Questions?


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