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Suranjana Gupta ISDR Asia Partnership Meeting September 6-8, 2011 Pattaya, Thailand.

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1 Suranjana Gupta ISDR Asia Partnership Meeting September 6-8, 2011 Pattaya, Thailand

2 Stakeholders Represented in Advisory Meeting Community Based Organizations NGOs National Governments Multilateral Agencies Local Governments ? Focus on organized communities and their leadership Partnerships with institutional champions

3 Goal To enable grassroots communities affected by disaster, climate change to: Demonstrate, teach and transfer their resilience practices Build alliances with governments and development institutions, including local government. In order to strategically influence policies and programs so that they advance pro-poor, resilient development.

4 4 Things We Stand For 1.Advocacy and partnering with local and national governments and multilateral agencies. 2.Networking to aggregate, transfer and scale up good practices and link them to government programs. 3.Financing community driven programs 4. Self-representation of communities in decision making processes

5 Action Agenda 1.Convene grassroots community experts in regional and national forums to transfer practices, lessons and identify advocacy priorities. 2. Promote interface between community leaders and local authorities, national governments and other donors and policy makers. 3.Facilitate community-led demonstrations grassroots women and community capacities to undertake public roles in resilience. 4.Create knowledge products that communicate lessons, insights and advocacy messages..

6 Phase 1 1.Grassroots Academies in Asia and LAC 2.Practitioner- Policy Dialogue s in Asia and LAC 3.ISDR Regional Forums 4.UN Commission on Status of Women with Norway 5. Global Platform 2012

7 Phase 2 Build country level community practitioners platforms to build strong, articulate, constituency base with common learning and advocacy priorities. Evolve Grassroots – Government Partnership Mechanisms Transfer lessons e.g. Community Resilience Fund Advocate with municipalities, global, regional, national institutions e.g. GFDRR

8 Action as Part of the IAP CSO Task Force Convene community practitioners at country level and facilitate their participation in national consultative processes. Grassroots Academy preceding the AMCDRR Facilitate community-led transfer of effective local practices / peer learning exchanges. Facilitate community participation in the conference. Technical assistance to those who want to develop financial or partnership mechanisms to advance pro-poor, gender equitable decentralized DRR.

9 Who can join? Community based organizations Grassroots women’s organizations NGOs Local authorities National Government institutions Private Sector Multilateral institutions committed to advancing community leadership and partnerships to build resilience.

10 Thank you!

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