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Chapter 15 section1: The Federal Bureaucracy

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1 Chapter 15 section1: The Federal Bureaucracy
Big idea: The federal bureaucracy, part of the executive branch, carries out most of the day to day work of the Federal Government

2 vocabulary Bureaucracy Bureaucrat Administration Staff agency
Line agency

3 Notes List and describe the 3 featuresof the federal bureaucracy:
What are the 3 main groups of agencies of the federal bureaucracy? Differentiate between each of the following: Agency, administration, commission, corporation, authority

4 Chapter 15 Section 2: The Executive Office of the President
Big Idea: The Executive Office of the President includes both advisors and agencies that work closely with the President.

5 vocabulary Executive Office of the President Federal budget
Fiscal year Domestic affairs

6 notes Describe the duties of each of the following: White House Office
National Security Council Office of Homeland Security What other offices make up the Executive Office of the President?

7 Chapter 15 Section 3: The Executive Departments
Big Idea: Fifteen executive departments, each headed by a Cabinet member, carry out most of the Federal Government’s work.

8 Vocabulary Executive departments Secretary Attorney general

9 Notes What were the first executive departments? (there are 3):
How are the members of the Cabinet Chosen? What is the role of cabinet members in Presidential decisions? List the 15 Executive departments and the year they were established:

10 Chapter 15 Section 4: Independent Agencies
Big Idea: A number of independent agencies work outside the framework of the executive branch.

11 Vocabulary Independent agencies Independent executive agencies
Independent regulatory commissions Quasi-legislative Quasi-judicial Government corporation

12 Notes Why were independent agencies created by Congress?

13 Chapter 15 Section 5: The Civil Service
Most of the people who work for the Federal Government are members of the civil service and are hired and promoted based on their job performance

14 vocabulary Civil service Spoils system Patronage Register bipartisan

15 Notes How did Civil Service develop?
How are political activities of members of the Civil Service restricted?

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