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Ancient Rome World Studies.

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1 Ancient Rome World Studies

2 What is the Relative Location of the city of Rome?
Central Italy On peninsula in middle of Mediterranean Sea Upon the Tiber River- good transportation, protection

3 Origins of Rome Founded 753 BC by Romulus and Remus on Palatine Hill
Romulus kills Remus and names the city after himself Etruscans to the N. and Greeks S.

4 Government 509 B.C. –Last King
Republic – a government of elected representatives Patricians – landowners Plebeians – merchants, farmers, traders.

5 Government Two consuls, elected for 1 year
Senate- 300 members chosen from Patricians (aristocracy), served for life Centuriate/Tribal assemblies- plebians, members for life Tribunes- elected by plebeians, protects their rights from patricians Dictator- could be appointed in emergencies, absolute power for 6 months

6 Military Legion- unit of 5,000 265 B.C. controlled Italy
Empire expanded. How? Strong, disciplined army Treated enemy well. Collected taxes. Respected some local customs.

7 Battle Formations

8 Battle Formations

9 Battle Formations Tortoise

10 Punic Wars Wars with the Phoenician colony of Carthage
1st, BC for control of Sicily, W. Mediterranean 2nd, 218 BC

11 Punic Wars Hannibal led troops across Europe and over the Alps to Italy Roman general Scipio (Africanus) attacked Carthage, forced Hannibal to return Defeated 202 BC.

12 Punic Wars Third War BC, Romans lay siege to Carthage, 50,000 people sold into slavery

13 Republic to Empire 1st triumvirate- Julius Caesar- w/ Crassus and Pompey, 60 BC Caesar conquered all of Gaul w/ troops from landless poor- loyal to Caesar, not Rome Turned his army on Rome, Pompey fled, 1st dictator for life, 44 BC

14 Roman Empire Caesar murdered in Senate 3/15, 44 BC “Ides of March”
2nd triumvirate- Octavian, Mark Antony, Lepidus Octavian forced Lepidus to retire

15 Roman Empire Antony fell in love w/ Cleopatra, Ocatvian defeated them both- suicide 31 BC- Caesar Augustus

16 Pax Romana Means “Roman Peace” 27 BC to 180 AD

17 Fall of Rome Inflation, food shortages, end of expansion weakens empire Diocletian- divided the empire into Greek speaking east and Latin west Constantine reunited the empire, ended persecution of Christians, moved capital to Byzantium (Constantinople)


19 Fall of Rome Germanic invasions weakened the Empire
Attila the Hun rampaged through Roman lands 476- West fell to Vandals Eastern half lasts until 1453, defeated by Ottoman Turks Greco-Roman culture- mix of Greek, Roman, Hellenistic influence

20 Famous Roman stuff Virgil- wrote the Aeneid, modeled after Homer’s work Aqueducts- built using arches, they brought fresh water to large cities Space between chariot wheels- train tracks Latin becomes basis for Spanish, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Italian Colusseum- stadium where gladiators fought



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