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FS3 UTILIZATION OF TEACHING AIDS Rhena Lynn Novises Azenate Narvasa- Baco Jennifer Balaba Apple Mary Joy Villalon

Grade of the Year Level of Class Observe: 2nd Year- Charity Date of Observation: July 14, 2011 Subject Matter: Drug Education Brief Description of Teaching Approach Used by the Teacher: The teacher used some effective way of teaching like oral recitation of them . To have collaboration of them and she teach in the proper way of teaching regarding the lesson she discussed. Teaching Aids used Strengths Weaknesses Comments on Appropriateness of the Teaching Aids used Visual Aids (cartolina or manila paper ) - Present factual material in direct, logical manner Can be unfocused Needs to be limited to 5-7 mines. - They used some technique w/c the students can focused like the color of the cartolina she used a colorful and can catches the attention of the students. Books stimulates thinking to open discussion -students difficulty getting away from known reality .If not managed well, criticism and negative evaluation may occur - They should give some reading materials to enhance their capability of remembering what they read or an oral reading recitation to enhance also their individual comprehended.

3 Appropriateness of the Teaching Aids used
Strengths Weaknesses Comments on Appropriateness of the Teaching Aids used Index Card - useful for large groups -listening exercise that allows creative thinking for new ideas -encourages full participation because all ideas equally recorded -opportunity to explore difficult and complex issues. - value to students depends in part on their maturity level - The teacher give some activity w/c she prepare on her index card, so that the students know what to do, and also the teacher will not difficult the step by step process of her lesson.

4 Your Analysis -> Books ->Index card
What do you think prompted the teacher to choose the materials/learning resources that she/he used? -> Books ->Index card What difficulties, if any, did the teacher experience? How can this be managed? ->Some of the difficulties the teacher experience , are not prepared to her lesson, or some topics difficult to discuss because their are some words are needed to be define in proper words and also some references are lack. Some are talking at the back while the teacher discuss their lesson and anything that can destruct in the lesson while teaching. So, to be manage this kind of experience the teacher should study her lesson before she enter in the classroom make sure that you are ready to face your students and discuss the lesson in the proper manner. And set the rules in your classroom and give them some motivation activity or surprise activity so that all off them participate. Over-all, were the learning resources/materials used effectively? Why? Yes, the learning resources/resources/materials used effectively, Because based of our observation the learner can easily understand of what did it means by using this materials the teacher can easily them catch the attention of the student if they are listening or not. And also it helps to them to be creative in teaching on hoe they used in the proper way.

5 Your Reflection Rhena Lynn Novises: Azenate Narvasa-Baco:
Put yourself in the place of the teacher. What would you do similarly and what would you do differently if you will teach the same lesson to the same group of students? Why? Rhena Lynn Novises: If I put my self as a teacher I’ll do similarly but differ in the activities iI pursue conduct for them like grouping to know their attitude, teamwork and collaboration in which to know how they interact to the group. Azenate Narvasa-Baco: If I put my self as a teacher I’ll do similarly, by teaching them in a proper way and we differ in the flow of teaching, Because as a teacher we have different techniques or strategy in teaching . As of now we have a lot of resources to used in teaching.

6 Apple Mary Joy Villalon:
Jennifer Balaba: If I put my self as a teacher to teach the lesson to the same group of students May be I’ll do similarly of what the teacher do in her lesson but in the type of techniques I used is different, because we are all unique to perform or how we teach. So for me I’ll do some group activities . To share their different ideas, collaboration and teamwork. The important is how to follow the rules given by the teacher and the teacher will be asses them. Apple Mary Joy Villalon: If I were the teacher I would, be more creative enough to capture the interest of my students. I would not sit down and just discuss to them the content of my lesson for that day. I will gave a group activity for the sharing of ideas and gave also my suggestion and comments regarding their works. In that manner, my students will enjoy while learning. I will also be their friend or playmate not just a teacher.

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