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“Because Wisdom Can’t Be Told”

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1 “Because Wisdom Can’t Be Told”
(Prof. C.I. Gragg, 1940 Harvard)

2 Introduction to the Case Method
History Benefits and Limitations Problem Solving and Case Analysis Models

3 Traditional Problem Solving Model

4 Hybrid Case Analysis Model
1) Problem Definition 2) Market Mix 3) S.W.O.T. Analysis 4) Alternatives 5) Implementation & Recommendations 6) Appendix

5 1) Problem Definition The most important step!!!
Define problem(s) as presented in case (student may need to “read between the lines”) State the key problem in a clear, concise, unambiguous statement so that further analysis can occur.

6 2) Market Mix Facts and data relating to the current market mix, as presented in the case. Sub-headings: Product, Price, Promotion, Place, and Target Market

7 3) S.W.O.T. Analysis Facts and data relating to the current situation, as presented in the case. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Internal Factors within the control of the business External Factors outside the control of the business

8 4) Alternatives Presentation of feasible alternatives that deal directly with the problem 3 - 5 alternatives should be presented Alternatives should be fully supported and defended based on their ability to: solve the stated problem build on business strengths, and avoid/eliminate weaknesses exploit opportunities and minimise threats

9 5) Implementations & Recommendations
Students decide which alternative(s) should be initiated A logical order for implementation is presented (e.g., Immediate, Short-Term, Long Term) Contingencies may also be appropriate New alternatives should NOT be presented in this section

10 6) Appendix Should include:
support material not included in body of case analysis charts and graphs financial analysis and projections sample promotional material statistics and demographic data etc.

11 Assessment of the Case Analysis

12 Teaching with Cases Role of the Teacher Role of the Student Group Work
Classroom Discussion

13 Conclusion and Discussion
“To lead a symphony, you must eventually turn your back on the crowd!”

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