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Marketing Plan.

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1 Marketing Plan

2 Marketing vs. Business Plans
Marketing Plans describes the current market position of a business and its marketing strategy Defines growth, goals, and market size

3 Parts of a Marketing Plan
Executive Summary Company Description Strategic Focus and Plan Situation Analysis Market – Product Focus Marketing Program Financial Data and Projections Organization Implementation Evaluation

4 Executive Summary Summarizes what is to come
“Sells” the Marketing Plan

5 Company Description Describes what the organization does
Highlight recent history Highlight recent success

6 Strategic Focus and Plan
Communicates Mission and Vision Mission Statement – what you want to accomplish Vision Statement – how you will accomplish it Identifies both financial and non-financial goals Identifies: Core Competencies – what you do Competitive Advantage – how you do it better

7 Assignment Create a marketing plan for your Franchise Start With:
Company Description Strategic Focus and Plan

8 Situation Analysis Analyze where you were, are, and are going
SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Industry, Competition, Company, and Customers Analysis

9 Market-Product Focus Set objectives Identify target markets
Identify Points of Difference Positioning

10 Marketing Program Identify the marketing mix Strategy
Include these elements: Product Features, Brand Name, Packaging, Services, Warranties Price List price, Discounts, Credit Terms, Payment Period Promotion Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotions, Publicity Place Outlets, Channels, Coverage, Transportation, Stock Level

11 Financial Data and Projections
Past and Present data Revenue and Expenses

12 Organization Organizational chart of management structure
Both current and potential positions

13 Implementation Plan How will company turn plans into results
Details for strategies

14 Evaluation Compares results with goal Determine if there are successes
Makes any deviations necessary

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