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EuropeAid 1 OTHER EU PROGRAMMES IN HIGHER EDUCATION 27 November 2011 JORDAN-EU Higher Education Day Abel Piqueras, Education Programme Officer EU Delegation.

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1 EuropeAid 1 OTHER EU PROGRAMMES IN HIGHER EDUCATION 27 November 2011 JORDAN-EU Higher Education Day Abel Piqueras, Education Programme Officer EU Delegation to Jordan

2 EuropeAid OTHER EU PROGRAMMES RELATED TO HIGHER EDUCATION 1) Erasmus Mundus 2) Jean Monnet 3) LLP Call for proposals

3 EuropeAid 1. Erasmus Mundus 3 Cooperation and mobility programme in the field of higher education for: -the enhancement of quality; -the promotion of the European Union as a centre of excellence; -the promotion of intercultural understanding

4 EuropeAid 4 Erasmus Mundus 2009-2013 3 ACTIONS Action 1 Joint Programmes - Joint Master and Doctoral Programmes - Implemented by EU and non EU universities - Scholarships for non EU and EU students for the entire duration of the joint study programme Action 2 Partnerhips (Ex-External Cooperation Window) - Partnerships projects with non-European HE institutions - Scholarships for EU and non EU students - On all levels of education - In a variety of disciplines Action 3 Promotion of European Higher Education - Attractiveness Projects - Studies - Information activities of EM National structures

5 EuropeAid ACTION 1 Joint masters and doctoral programmes including a scholarship scheme  Consortium of European universities from at least 3 different countries.  +include universities from other parts of the world.  Scholarships/fellowships  Study and research periods, in at least 2 universities and recognised double, multiple or joint degrees.  funded for five consecutive editions

6 EuropeAid ACTION 1 Joint masters and doctoral programmes including a scholarship scheme consortium management (€ 30,000) EMMC student scholarships cover: Installation costs Monthly allowance costs Participation costs Max 2 years € 48,000 EMMC individual scholar scholarships cover: Living allowance (max € 14,800 for 3-month stay) EMJD doctoral fellowships cover: Travel and installation costs Participation costs for doctoral candidate Living allowance Maximum fellowship ranges from € 61,200 to € 129,900

7 EuropeAid Action 1 Results 2011 15 new Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses selected, 15 re-selected 140 HEIs involved 131 Masters Courses, scholarships 2012-2013 11 Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorates selected 60 HEIs involved 34 Doctoral Courses, scholarships 2012-2013

8 EuropeAid ACTION 2 Partnerships (Ex-External Cooperation Window) Partnerships European and Third countries HEI Objective: individual mobility arrangement between the European and Third Country partners. Various lengths (3 months- 3 years). Bachelor, master, doctorate and post-doctorate students and HE staff. Attention to disadvantaged groups

9 EuropeAid ACTION 2 Partnerships Composition: 5 HEIs from at least 3 countries 1 HEI from each country in geographic lot 48 months maximum Third country students and staff:70 % of mobility flows.

10 EuropeAid ACTION 2 Partnerships Funding:  € 10.000 per partner: partnership management  Individual mobility scholarships Undergraduate + Master scholarship: € 1000/month + tuition fees (€3.000) + insurance (€75/ month) Doctorate scholarship: € 1500/month + tuition fees (€3.000) + insurance (€75/ month) Post doctorale scholarship: € 1800/month + tuition fees (€5.000) + insurance (€75/ month) Academic staff fellowship: € 2500/month + insurance (€75/ month)

11 EuropeAid 2011 SELECTION ACTION 2: Two partnerships for Syria and Jordan selected in 2011: JOYSEEM coordinated by University of Lund and AVEMPACE coordinated by Technical University of Berlin. 80 students, academics, administrative staff, etc from Jordan to travel to Europe and neighbouring countries in 2011. More information at and

12 EuropeAid ACTION 3 Promotion of European Higher Education Promotes European higher education enhancing the attractiveness of Europe and a centre of excellence at world level. Type of activities o - Funding for « Attractiveness projects » o - Studies, Calls for Tender o - Support to the EM Alumni Association activities o Network of current and former Erasmus Mundus Students (active role in o promoting the programme, assisting future EM students, etc.)

13 EuropeAid KEY DATES- NEW CALL FOR PROPOSAL (projects) Early December 2011: Publication of the new call 30 April 2012: Deadline for submission of proposals Early July 2012: Selection http:// Contact:

14 EuropeAid Student selection All students are selected by consortia or partnerships 1.Students review: o the EMMCs/EMJDs on offer (Action 1) o the partnerships for which they are eligible (based on their nationality) and the study opportunities they offer (Action 2) 2.Students apply directly to the course or partnership Selection of Doctoral candidates 2011 3 Jordanians.

15 EuropeAid 2. Jean Monnet Programme

16 EuropeAid THE JEAN MONNET PROGRAMME Aims at stimulating teaching, research and reflection in European integration studies 72 countries 750 universities Between 1990 and 2011: 3,800 projects network of 1,500 professors, reaching audiences in excess of 250,000 students every year.


18 EuropeAid KEY ACTIVITY 1: JEAN MONNET ACTION Teaching activities Jean Monnet Chair: teaching post. minimum of 90 hours per year. “ Ad personam" Jean Monnet Chair: former Jean Monnet Chair holders and/or professors with a distinguished background. Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence: multi-disciplinary structure within one or more universities. European Module: short programme, minimum 40 teaching hours per year.

19 EuropeAid KEY ACTIVITY 1: JEAN MONNET ACTION Academic and research activities Association of professors and researchers, to study of the European integration process and whose aim is to enhance the visibility of regional or national scientific and physical resources in this domain. Information and research activities, to promote discussion about the European integration process through conferences and seminars. Jean Monnet multilateral research groups, research partnership leading to an integrated academic network

20 EuropeAid Next call for proposals Deadline for proposal submission: 15 February 2012 call_jean_monnet_action_ka1_2012_en.php Contact:

21 EuropeAid 3. Call for Proposals under the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP)

22 EuropeAid The LLP Guide Part IIb – "explanations by actions" it provides explanations of each action by individual fiches. Fiche No 09: Comenius Multilateral Projects Fiche No 10:Comenius Multilateral Networks Fiche No 23:Erasmus Multilateral Networks Fiche No 24:Erasmus Multilateral Projects Fiche No 33:Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Projects Fiche No 34:Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Networks Fiche No 43:Grundvig Multilateral Projects Fiche No 44:Grundvig Multilateral Networks Fiche No 48:Key Activity 1 Policy Multilateral Networks Fiche No 49:Key Activity 2 Languages Multilateral Projects Fiche No 50:Key Activity 2 Languages Multilateral Networks Fiche No 52:Key Activity 3 ICT Multilateral Projects Fiche No 53:Key Activity 3 ICT Multilateral Networks Fiche No 54:Key Activity 4 Valorisation Multilateral Projects

23 EuropeAid 2012 LLP Call for Proposals has been launched The deadline is 2 February 2012 for the Sub- programmes and 1 March 2012 for the Transversal programme. The LLP is an EU programme for the participation of EU Member States, EFTA and EU candidate countries. organisations established in third countries can participate under certain centralised actions of this Call (eg Multilateral Projects and Networks) but only as partners. LLP CALL FOR PROPOSALS

24 EuropeAid WHERE TO FIND MORE INFORMATION All the relevant documents (i.e. the Call priorities as well as the updated LLP Guide) can be found at: Detailed information on how organisations in your country can participate can be found on the instructions for applicants all_lifelong_learning_2012.php


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