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An Environmental and Sustainability Platform Presented by Entercom Portland to KEEN Footwear and STAND.

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1 An Environmental and Sustainability Platform Presented by Entercom Portland to KEEN Footwear and STAND

2 Background 1Thing, which began in July of 2007, was launched as a key community initiative for Entercom Portland. As sustainability has become a significant issue in our world today, Entercom created a program that will inspire and educate listeners and clients on how they personally can make a difference. Our 1thing initiative encourages our community, on a daily basis, to change just one thing. In a very complicated, overwhelming world of sustainability, we believe this simple message breaks through the rhetoric and clutter. Key Messaging: Our listeners trust us to deliver honest, relevant entertainment and information. As good corporate citizens, Entercom has created a sustainable initiative called 1Thing as a means of contributing to our community. 1Thing provides an opportunity for your business to connect with our emotionally engaged listeners looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle here in Portland.

3 Celebrate Portland and it’s stance with Sustainability Celebrate STAND and the close of it’s nation-wide tour Showcase the winners of STAND up, STAND out, STAND for Promote KEEN Footwear as the “company that cares” KEEN Footwear’s objectives for STAND

4 Audio 945 commercials heard on air on all six stations DJ’s chattering about 1Thing include: Amy, Iris, Gustav, Tara, Isaac Contest spots encouraged listeners to tell us their 1Thing. Winners are being brought into the studio to record a future 1Thing spot & will receive a 1Thing goodie bag Click here to play real listener audio: On-Air in Q1

5 Sample Audio WOLF: Amy BUZZ: Dr. Doug 94/7: Gustav KGON: Iris The FAN: Isaac BUZZ: Sheryl 94/7: Tara

6 Potential 1Thing and STAND Audio

7 Online in Q1 10,905 impressions ran 94/7, Wolf, & Buzz 4,464 Streaming ads on all stations

8 1Thing Website:

9 Sample rotating feature banner on station websites:

10 Newsletter sent to 1Thing database monthly:

11 STAND and 1Thing talk to the same Portland audience and by combining audio messaging, digital exposure, and onsite experiential events, 1Thing has found it’s place in the Portland market. Entercom would like to be partner with KEEN Footwear to promote and expose the celebration of Portland to the market on July 12 th. KEEN Footwear is eligible to receive: Personalized 1Thing branded messages to promote STAND that will air on all 6 radio stations, voiced by the designated on-air talent. Prominent digital exposure on the 1Thing website Location on the reserved rotating feature banner on the homepage of all 6 radio station websites. The 1Thing street team present on-site during the July 12 th festival for sustainability handouts and information. KEEN Footwear will be included in an informational newsletter sent to the 1Thing database. Recommended Marketing

12 Thank You! Becky and Linda, Thank you so much for the opportunity to partner with STAND for the July 12 th promotion. We hope the ideas and concepts presented here are a mirror image of how KEEN would like STAND to be marketed. All ideas are moldable and can be uniquely tailored for KEEN. Please let us know your feedback, thoughts, and interest levels after you have had a chance to look this over. Amy, Michelle and I all look forward to your response. Thank you again, Tracy WhiteAmy ShugartMichelle Bradley 503.535.0262503.535.0484503.535.0331

13 Confidentiality Notice The proceeding pages contain proprietary information of Entercom Communications Corp and are to be used by the recipient solely for the purpose of evaluating a transaction or business relationship with Entercom Communications Corp. This Proprietary Information should be kept confidential and is not to be distributed, disclosed or disseminated by third parties.

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