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Mobile Technology - Transforming Healthcare Trond Are Bjørnvold, Vice President, Telenor Digital Services.

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1 Mobile Technology - Transforming Healthcare Trond Are Bjørnvold, Vice President, Telenor Digital Services

2 Mobile key to solving health challenges Patient monitoring & compliance Remote diagnostic Remote data access The smartphone is the most popular technology among doctors since the stethoscope Information on disease prevention Public wellness apps Health surveillance

3 The time has come… Mobile has worldwide reach across all levels of society… Global penetration approaching 100% Source: Forbes; Apple; OVUM; BCG analysis … and sufficient richness in health technology Simple feature phones can provide important health information Smart devices and mobile broadband enable advanced medical appliances 120 90 60 30 0 201 0 201 1 201 2 201 3 201 4 201 5 201 6 78 85 91 96 100 103 105 Mobile penetration Mobile penetration %

4 transform health service delivery 1. WHO Global Observatory for eHealth: "mHealth - New horizons for health through mobile", 2011 Can Reduce costs in elderly care by 25% Reach twice as many rural patients per doctor Improve TB treatment compliance by 30-70 % Save mothers and children by reducing maternal and perinatal mortality by 30%

5 Potential impact significant for all countries 5 Maternal information service saves mothers’ and children’s lives SMS treatment compliance helps cure TB Remote treatment reduces COPD hospitalizations Remote monitoring reduces elderly care costs Bangladesh Save 40,000 mothers and children annually India Save 290,000 mothers and children annually Pakistan Save 75,000 mothers and children annually Russia Cure 50,000 of tuberculosis Thailand Cure 40,000 of tuberculosis Malaysia Cure 10,000 of tuberculosis Hungary Save 40,000 annual hospital nights Montenegro Save 2,000 annual hospital nights Serbia Save 40,000 annual hospital nights Norway Save € 1.5 billion annually Denmark Save € 1.25 billion annually Sweden Save € 2.4 billion annually Source: BCG/Telenor mHealth impact study

6 6 00 Month 0000 In UK, it’s now scientifically proven that TeleHealth raises the quality of healthcare Medical sensors for exchanging medical data between homes and healthcare proffesionals More than 3000 patients suffering from COPD, diabetes and hearth diseases Significantly reduced mortality rate! Reduction in hospital admissions Reduction in nights spent on hosptial TeleHealth Effects achieved

7 The promise of a better life No doctors available to ask Does not understand warning signs Risk of death during labour Receives birth-related information Calls a doctor for consultation Understands warning signs, gets help Mother and child lives X “Razia” 26, pregnant mother SMS saves mother and child Public information Unable to call for help when in need Frequently forgets medication Constantly worries next-of-kin Automatic alarms to HC professionals Easy to understand med. reminders Wireless check-ups and communication “Ole” 69, widower with dementia Empowered to live independently Public information X

8 8 Low Cost Health

9 Telenor enables healthcare in emerging markets through award winning Healthline services 9 TeleDoctor Pakistan Healthline 789 Bangladesh Interactive teleconference between a mobile subscriber and a registered physician Partnership with medical experts Male and female doctors Multilingual Handles thousands of calls / day Services offered Doctor’s advice Information on medicines Healthcare information SMS based services for maternal and child health Key facts

10 Assisted Living

11 Telenor provides complete solutions for Assisted Living 11 Fall Door Humidity Temp Motion GPS Blood pressure Scale Gateway Alarm centre Medical recordsMobile careRelatives Shepherd Internet / GSM

12 Telenor is enabling mHealth devices 12 Safety alarmsGlucose metersPill dispensers Assisted livingMobile workers

13 mHealth innovation projects 13 Remote healthcare for elderly, chronic patients - Hungary Piloting elderly living solutions Norway LTE router in ambulances Norway Tromsø Telemedicine Laboratory Norway Pilot in Szabolcs Szatmár Bereg county ~500 devices 5 clinics, 180 patients 9 months long 30% cost saving Fall Bed-wetting Epilepsy Pill dispenser Transmitting live video Sensors (pulse, temperature, blood pressure, EKG) Partnering to innovate new health services which aims to provide human care utilising new technologies to improve health care and reduce burden on the health care system. Door sensors GPS

14 mHealth still face barriers to full-scale implementation Developed markets Knowledge Business Models Priorities of Healthcare providers Developing markets Priorities of governments Knowledge Business Models Costs 14 Source: WHO; BCG analysis Nine key barriers to implementation of mHealth identified by the WHO Experience within Telenor footprint

15 Time has come to act Thank you! 15

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