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Roddy Herbert MIND First Aid

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1 Roddy Herbert MIND First Aid

2 Reducing the impact of stress on your business
Stress risk assessment Mental health consultancy Training & mentoring Employee Assistance (counselling, coaching, stress management) On-site complementary therapy & wellbeing services e:

3 Innovative collaborative learning opportunities
An Employer Network aimed at challenging mental health stigma and promoting good employment practice Innovative collaborative learning opportunities In partnership with: MINDFUL EMPLOYER® Roddy the collaborative learning opportunity bit means basically learning from Experts by Experience at seminars involving their input as well as other professionals with MH expertise

4 Mental Health First Aid Learning Objectives
To preserve life where a person may be in danger to themselves and others To provide help to prevent mental health problems developing into a more serious state To promote the recovery of good mental health To provide comfort to a person experiencing a mental health problem

5 Mental Health First Aid Course Content
Modules cover common mental health problems Five basic steps to mental health first aid Signs, symptoms, risk factors, treatments and resources of depression, anxiety disorders, self harm, psychosis Resources available Tutorial, group exercise and audio visual

6 Mind First Aid for Business Managers Key Outcomes
Be able to identify symptoms and signs of mental health issues before they lead to presenteeism and/or absenteeism in work colleagues Understand how mental distress can affect the performance of the individual and their team Improve their knowledge of key factors associated with stress, depression, psychosis anxiety disorders and self harm

7 Mind First Aid for Business Managers Key Outcomes
Know about recent case law and how a failure to act can lead to a risk of litigation Be equipped with the skills to provide immediate help and support to prevent early mental health problems develop into a more serious condition Help remove the stigma and discrimination around mental health problems at work

8 Thank You … for more information please visit our stand or contact Roddy on

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