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Mental Health and Teaching Equality Conference 2013 Strand Hotel Limerick.

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1 Mental Health and Teaching Equality Conference 2013 Strand Hotel Limerick

2 C.A.R.E.  Challenging taboos  Awareness Raising  Rights of Teachers as Employees  Equality

3 Mental Health “a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.”( WHO 2010)

4 Mental Health Problems “used …. to describe the full range of mental health difficulties that might be encountered, from the psychological distress experienced by many people, to serious mental disorders and illnesses that affect a smaller population.”(A Vision for Change HSE 2006)

5 Mental Health/Illness Continuum Mental Health Mental Illness Mental Health Problems

6 Incidence One in five people of working age experience mental health problems One in four experience mental health problems in their lifetime Under reporting because of stigma

7 How the Law Protects Us Employment Equality Acts  Disability one of nine grounds  Mental health problems covered under this ground  Protects us against discrimination  Teachers with mental health difficulties entitled to ‘reasonable accommodation’  Complaints to Equality Tribunal

8 How the Law Protects Us Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act Employer has a duty of care to employee and is responsible for:  ensuring a safe place of work, through the identification of risks to physical and psychological health  taking steps to prevent ill-health at work

9 Employment Work is good for your mental health People with mental health difficulties more likely to be unemployed Absenteeism more frequent and for longer periods for employees with mental health difficulties

10 Stigma Stigma, discrimination, social exclusion major barriers 95.4% - some level of unfair treatment (Amnesty 2010) 61% believe people with mental health difficulties not able to participate fully 48% would conceal diagnosis

11 Mental Health & Teaching Salary Protection : mental illness - 47%;cancer - 7%; back pain - 3% Higher levels of “stress, anxiety & irritability” in health & education ( EU OSHA) 45% stress - teachers,70%- Principals (ESRI 2011)

12 Relevant Services Occupational Health Service-Medmark - referrals Carecall 1800 411057 –issues include alcohol problems,anxiety, depression, bereavement,bullying,traumatic events,financial/legal problems,health concerns & stress at home or work Serious implications of changes in sick leave for those with mental health problems

13 Promoting Mental Health A workplace culture where everyone is treated with respect and dignity and issues such as bullying and harassment are not tolerated will also improve the mental wellbeing of employees ( IBEC 2012)

14 Promoting Mental Health “ Procedures to Minimise Stress :It is the policy of this Board of Management that the good practises outlined in the ‘Working Together’ document are adopted in this school to enhance good staff relations and eliminate stress caused by poor communication. Regular staff meetings and consultation on school policies are integral to achieving a healthy working environment.” Steps to be Taken in the Event of an Assault (40/97) Part of H & S Statement

15 Responding Appropriately Raising awareness & dispelling myths Identifying early signs of distress Not expected to diagnose or even fully understand,jump to conclusions or make assumptions Listen / Respect confidentiality / Ask what would help / Encourage them to seek help (e.g. Carecall, G.P.)

16 Summary Mental health difficulties are common Work can promote mental health but work-related stress can contribute to difficulties People have a right not to be discriminated against Principals & colleagues should be aware of appropriate respones

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