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Welcome to Mrs. LeBlanc’s 4 th /5 th Grade Class! General Philosophy:  Teach a standards-based curriculum, while providing an exciting, enriching, and.

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2 Welcome to Mrs. LeBlanc’s 4 th /5 th Grade Class! General Philosophy:  Teach a standards-based curriculum, while providing an exciting, enriching, and safe learning environment  Meet the needs of each individual learner  Motivate children to become a part of their learning  Teach skills that promote life-long learning  Model positive and respectful behaviors in both the classroom and playground settings

3 Meadow Park Mustangs Know the R espect O neself P roperty E ach other S chool “The essence of respect is to show solemn regard for the worth of people including yourself.” -Zona Hutson

4 Classroom Management  ROPES coupons  Student of the Day  Reward tickets- positive reinforcement  “Respect” cards

5 How are students selected for placement in combination classes?  Student has demonstrated academic success  Student displays responsibility and independence with learning  Student works cooperatively and respectfully with others

6 What and How are Children Taught in the Combination Classroom?  Instruction is based on the state standards for each grade level  Collaboration among grade level teams  Credentialed instructional assistant  Strategic scheduling (music, P.E., etc.)  Variety of instructional strategies  whole class & small group instruction, projects, cooperative groups, peer mentoring, etc.

7 How Can Parents Support Their Student?  Exhibit a positive attitude about your child’s placement  Visit our classroom to become familiar with our instructional program  Encourage students to participate in unique opportunities available only to students in a combination class  Encourage children to develop new friendships with others in the class

8 Curriculum  Please visit the California Department of Education’s website for specific information on the 4 th and 5 th grade state standards:

9 Language Arts  4 th and 5 th graders participate in RTI Reading groups across their own grade level  Weekly Grammar and Spelling lessons are directly taught to each individual grade level  4 th and 5 th grade writing lessons are taught separately, with follow-up assignments given using grade- appropriate materials

10 Mathematics  Small group instruction  Whole class instruction *Example: Array and Area  Follow-up activities with grade-appropriate materials  Ongoing assessment to determine need for challenge/reteaching

11 Science and Social Studies  Students receive direct instruction by individual grade level in Social Studies  Follow-up activities and/or projects are assigned whole class with grade-appropriate materials  Science instruction occurs by individual grade level with the help of teachers who specialize in this area

12  4 th and 5 th grade homework will be consistent with each corresponding grade level  Nightly:  Math  One additional assignment (language, science, etc.)  30 minutes of reading (4 th grade weekly book log & 5 th grade monthly book log)  Weekly:  Personal Word Quiz (PWQ)  Some long-term assignments  Student’s responsibility:  Write in planner daily  Bring home all materials necessary to complete the assignments  Ask Mrs. LeBlanc questions  Homework due at 8:10 a.m.  Weekly Reports sent home every Friday.Homework

13 Learning Resources  Math Journal- Each student will have a spiral notebook designated to take daily notes. This notebook should be used for reference on homework and in preparation for assessments.  Grammar Journal- Students will take weekly notes in a composition book. These notes should be used for Grammar homework and to prepare for assessments.  Study Guides- Students will complete a study guide for all Unit/Chapter Tests (not quizzes).

14  Achievement – A,B,C,D,F  Percentages  Effort – O, S, N  Check +, Check, Check -  Complete/Incomplete  Teacher Comments Grading

15  Weekly Folder  school announcements and student work  signed and returned each Friday  Weekly Report: Blue Slip or Green Mustang  E-mail updates, Mustang Express, and school website  Homework Planner - review  Progress Report as needed  Report Card  Goal Setting Conference - Child Attends  E-mail  Phone Calls/Voice Mail Communication

16 School Policies arrival 7:55/leave campus 2:39 playground and equipment are reserved for Meadow Park students from 7:55-2:39, other children are not permitted on the playground no parents parking or dropping off in parking lot tardy students – sign-in volunteers must register, sign in at the front office, and wear a badge while on campus parents may not bring late assignments/instruments late lunches can be left in the container in the office

17 Meadow Park Foundation Mission: To enhance our children’s education through technology. Who we are: Meadow Park parents What we do: Organize and run fundraising activities throughout the year to support technology related purchases for Meadow Park. Where the funds come from: Primarily from Meadow Park parents, corporate donors and other foundations. Why we do it: To supplement funds Meadow Park receives from IUSD. When we meet: The second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm in the school library. Please join us. How you can help: By donating to the Meadow Park Foundation. All proceeds go directly to Meadow Park Elementary for the benefit of our children. All donations are tax deductible because we’re a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. *For more information, please visit

18 Thank you for attending! I am looking forward to a wonderful year! *Please sign-up to volunteer and for a goal-setting conference on your way out.

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