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1 © Extti, Incorporated, 2014

2 Extti, Incorporated ®

3 Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill




7 1990----- + 3.4% 1991----- + 241% 1993----- + 379% 1996----- + 517% Fairly steady since then Rise In Number of EEOC Cases

8 12 % of EEOC Charges = Sexual harassment But in California…. ……………… 21% Last year

9 Over 1.5 million sexual harassment lawsuits have been filed in California According to Private Suits

10 Definitions Of Harassment Examples What to do Individual liability Prevention. We Will Cover :

11 A form of Discrimination

12 Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ADEA (age) ADA (disabilities) Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) Equal Pay Act. Federal Laws

13 Race Religion Color Sex Transgender National origin. Coverage

14 Pregnancy Older Workers Age (40+) Physical Disabilities Mental Disabilities Genetic Characteristics. (Coverage Continued)

15 FEHA Labor Code State Laws

16 Same as Federal plus Medical Condition (cancer related) Marital Status Sexual Orientation Sexual identity. State Coverage

17 Sexual identity Association Perceived Membership Newer Calif. Laws:

18 Prohibit all: Discrimination And Harassment

19 Prohibit harassment on all these bases

20 A type of Discrimination

21 Sexual Harassment

22 Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson Bank Teller Sex-- 40 to 50 times Voluntariness Provocative clothing issue.

23 Harassment Defined Unwelcomed sexual advances Requests for sexual favors or Other verbal or physical conduct.

24 Submission is made a term or condition of employment Submission or rejection is used as basis for employment decisions Conduct creates a hostile or offensive environment. Definition--Continued--

25 2 Kinds Quid pro quo Hostile environment

26 Conditioning job benefits On sexual favors Quid Pro Quo

27 Examples : …………………………………… Remarks, questions or other verbal conduct Sexual touching Drawings, photographs, cartoons, emails, texts. Hostile Environment

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29 By: Michael A. Robbins Extti, Incorporated ® © Extti, Incorporated, 2014

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