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WECC PCC Meeting Salt Lake City, UT March 26, 2014.

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1 WECC PCC Meeting Salt Lake City, UT March 26, 2014

2 2012-2013 Plan Economic Study Null Case Core Case Scenario Case 2

3 Economic Study 3 400 MW requires 500 kV line from Great Falls to Midpoint 1,500 MW requires lines and series capacitor upgrades at Burns, Malin and Midpoint

4 TEPPC PC1 Projects 4 Five core cases where created to evaluate the CCTA project performance under a variety of NTTG transmission loading conditions The CCTA projects provide adequate transmission for the NTTG 2022 footprint loads and resources modeled

5 Scenario Case 3,000 MW scenario from Wyoming to Southern Nevada –Requires remedial actions to mitigate violations for DC line bipole outage 2,650 MW scenario – –DC bipole outage produces few violations and FACRI action can result in no violations 5

6 Q1 - 2014 January 2 Regional Transmission Plan (RTP) Data Gathering and Economic Study Request (ESR) Window Opens January 31 1 st Data Submission Deadline (NTTG Footprint requirements) June 11 (Boise, ID) Q2 public meeting to present Draft Biennial Study Plan to stakeholders and discuss updates on FERC Orders January 22 (Portland, OR) Q1 public meeting to discuss NTTG Regional Order 1000 RTP and ESR Process April 15 Deadline to cure Q1 data submission deficiencies June 24 ( SLC, UT) Steering Committee meeting and vote to approve or remand the Draft Biennial Study Plan June 1 Regional Economic Study Plan developed Q2 - 2014 Order No. 1000 Update – Key Milestones and Deliverables May 15 Draft Study Plan, including cost allocation scenarios, February 28 (Folsom, CA) Interregional information exchange Draft Schedule - subject to change March 30 and 31 2 nd Data Submission Deadline (ESR’s and project and cost allocation data) 6

7 12 September 16 (Location: TBD) Q3 public meeting to discuss development of the RTP, updates on FERC Orders, and Economic Study Results December 2 (SLC, UT ) Q4 public meeting to present status report on development of RTP and receive comments Q5 Planning Committee facilitates stakeholder review and comment on the Draft RTP Plus Q5 ESR deliverables Q7 Draft Final Regional Transmission Plan Review Plus Q6 ESR deliverables September 30 Regional Economic Study Complete; or Sponsor notified with explanation and estimated completion date Q6 Cost Allocation Committee allocates costs of projects selected into the draft RTP. Draft Final Regional Transmission Plan Produced, Plus Q7 ESR Deliverables Q8 Regional Transmission Plan Approval Plus Q8 ESR Deliverables Q3-Q4: 2014 Q5-Q8: 2015 Order No. 1000 Update – Key Milestones and Deliverables December 31 Planning Committee produces a Draft Regional Transmission Plan, including Economic Study Results Draft Schedule - subject to change 7

8 Regional Transmission Planning Process Changes Cost Allocation Pre-Qualification Data Gathering Study Plan Analysis Draft Plan 8

9 Cost Allocation Pre-Qualification Pre-qualification required for project sponsors seeking cost allocation for a project –Technical expertise –Financial expertise –Financing plan –Ability to maintain and operate Great Basin Transmission’s pre-qualification submission was approved 9

10 Load and Resource Data Submittal Data was received from IPC, PAC, NWE, PGE Comparison of data for Q1 2014 and Q1 2012 10 Yr Load forecast went down by 1099 MW 10 Yr Resource forecast went down by 7573 MW Wind down 5000 MW Coal down 1000 MW Market purchases down 1000 MW Balance of reduction in hydro, bio-mass, geothermal and oil 10

11 Study Plan Changes Quarter 2 Initial Regional Plan –Prior Regional Transmission Plan projects –Full Funders Local Transmission Plan projects Alternative Projects Public Policy Cost Allocation Scenarios 11

12 Analysis Changes Quarter 3 and 4 Comparison of Alternative Projects to the Initial Plan –One or more Change Cases –Determine if the Change Case is more efficient or cost effective Analysis Criteria –Capital Related Costs –Energy Losses –Reserves 12

13 Public Policy Requirements and Considerations Public Policy Requirements are established by local, state, or federal laws or regulations and regulations promulgated by a relevant jurisdiction Public Policy Considerations are not established by local, state, or federal laws or regulations 13

14 Selection of Public Policy Considerations to Study The Planning Committee will determine the Public Policy Considerations to be included in additional study analysis The additional study analysis results are informational only and may inform the Regional Transmission Plan, but will not result in the inclusion of additional projects in the Regional Transmission Plan 14

15 Renewable Northwest Project Request Understand the transmission impacts associated with retiring 1) Colstrip units 1&2 and 2) Colstrip units 1, 2, 3, & 4 Replacing the respective amounts of capacity with proportional amounts of wind capacity in Montana 15

16 Northwest Energy Coalition Request Assess an accelerated phase out of coal plants and enhancement of clean energy resources (energy efficiency, demand response, distributed generation, and utility-scale renewable resources) Assess how to maximize the delivery of renewable energy and minimize new transmission TEPPC PC6 Study Case 16

17 Questions?

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