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1 Leadership development A blended approach May 2009 Delete this text box to display the color square; you may also insert an image or client logo in this space. To delete the text box, click within text, hit the Esc key and then the Delete key Betsy Warde, Boston

2 1 Mercer  Leadership development reaching all levels  Blended content for all learning styles  Local and global delivery  Learning continues through LeadershipConnect  Assessing value and lessons learned Introduction

3 2 Mercer  Develop Mercer managers at all levels across the organization using a systematic and consistent curriculum  Share a common language, consistent philosophies and skill sets among Mercer managers and leaders  Develop managers of managers and/or leaders of complex teams within Mercer to become effective and confident enterprise leaders  Create a culture of shared learning that cascades through all levels of management Leadership development – Charter statements

4 3 Mercer Leadership development – 2009 model Stepping Up to Management Supervisors; First-time leaders Helping People Succeed Advanced Experienced managers; Team leaders Helping Leaders Succeed Manager of managers / Leaders of complex teams Mercer Leadership Forum Top 300+ leaders Operating Committee Helping People Succeed New managers; Team leaders (6 mo. – 2 yrs.) New Offering New Assessment

5 4 Mercer  Stepping Up to Management – Online learning with follow-up workshops delivered locally – Workshops add Mercer-specific content  Virtual or live  Facilitators vary by region  Helping People Succeed – Six skill-building modules with pre-work and 360° feedback  E-learning includes SkillChoice Business titles  Modules delivered over time or back-to-back  Helping People Succeed Advanced – Pre-course assessments and discussion forums – Two-day, instructor-led course – Follow-up work online and with manager using the SkillSoft Business Exploration Series and Books 24/7 Executive Summaries Program delivery – Management level

6 5 Mercer  Helping Leaders Succeed – Pre-session self and 360° assessments – Three-day, cross line-of-business sessions, delivered by region – Cultural Diversity virtual follow-up offering – LeadershipConnect access and participation  Mercer Leadership Forums – Pre-session self and 360° assessments – Pre- and post-session project work supporting revenue growth – Four-day, cross line-of-business sessions Program delivery – Leadership level

7 6 Mercer  Links to SkillSoft assets, Books 24/7 Executive Summaries and Executive Blueprints and other valuable resources  Discussion forums across peer groups  Featured support articles, white papers, books, videos and podcasts in response to discussions on the forum  Links alumni and materials from their Helping Leaders Succeed or Mercer Leadership Forums session  To-be-added section to support ongoing collaboration among Helping People Succeed Advanced program participants  Links to Mercer intellectual capital LeadershipConnect

8 7 Mercer LeadershipConnect

9 Measurement

10 9 Mercer  Attendance statistics  Survey results  On the job observable activities linked back to program  LeadershipConnect activity  Demand for more programs Measurement

11 10 Mercer Program# PPLSUTMHPS*HPS AdvHLSMLF 2007601112350NA11326 2008984296173NA273242 2009 – Q1871537NA350 Total1,6724235600421268 *Helping People Succeed Advanced is a new program to be piloted in June 2009 Leadership development – Participation Participants by program, 2007 through Q1 2009

12 11 Mercer What are you doing differently? “I am much more aware of how people might see me or interpret my actions.” “Delegate more. Stay in touch with my peers.” “I express myself with enthusiasm and realize that my ‘heart’ emphasis is a strength even in a business environment.” “Focus more on describing goals to team, rather than defining tactics of how to get there, which encourages/enables team to devise own approaches to achieving.” “I'm paying more attention when negotiating with people of all levels.” “I've tried to be more patient with others and to mentor instead of redoing assignments” Helping Leaders Succeed – Global survey feedback

13 12 Mercer  417 registered users since the site was announced on March 2, 2009  Average of 55 visits a day  Three discussions added and eight responses posted Initial feedback… “This is really well done. Reflects an enormous effort. Hopefully it will become viral.” “Nice site! Great to have a one-stop shop.” “I will add a question in the forum to add traffic... just as soon as I have a legitimate question to ask!” “I just "surfed" through Leadership Connect and my first impression is FANTASTIC!” “CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for giving us these tools to make us better leaders in Mercer. This will make Mercer an even better place to work and will reinforce the true "Mercer spirit." LeadershipConnect activity and feedback

14 13 Mercer  Senior leadership support and involvement is critical  Holistic curriculum for all levels of management supports enterprise- wide capability building – Phased approach for introduction of modules is fine – Program content must link and reference previous programs – Program content must grow and change as the audience and strategy matures  Pilot in various regions allows for relevance of global approaches and content  Shared experience, whether face-to-face or through other media, is invaluable Lessons learned


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