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Computer Parts Assignment

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1 Computer Parts Assignment
Reviewing the Functions of Each Part

2 CPU CPU stands for central processing unit, and is also known as the brains of the computer. The CPU interprets and executes most of the commands and functions of the computer. The faster your CPU is, the faster your computer functions. RAM RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and is a form of computer data storage. It can be used by computer programs to perform necessary tasks. RAM is a form of volatile memory storage. CPU & RAM

3 Motherboard & Hard drive
The main circuit board in most computers. The motherboard contains many of the important components of the computer, and also provides connectors for other pieces that can be attached to the computer. Hard drive The hard drive is the main component for memory storage. The unique thing about the hard drive is that it can retain the information stored on it when the computer is turned off. This is known as non-volatile storage. Motherboard & Hard drive

4 Graphics Card & Cooling Fan
The graphics card is the piece of hardware installed on a computer that is responsible for rendering the image on the monitor or display screen. Cooling Fan Cooling fans are used to cool down particular parts of the computer while they are functioning. Compute parts heat up when they work, and if they get too hot they will cease to function, possibly permanently. Graphics Card & Cooling Fan

5 Graphical UI & Basic I/O System
GUI GUI is short for graphical user interface, and is the thing that allows users to interact with a computer system without typing specific, complicated commands. It is the interface between the user and computer on the screen’s display. BIOS The bios is the basic input output system, and the primary function of the bios is to load an operating system, such as windows. Graphical UI & Basic I/O System

6 USB Stands for universal serial bus, and is the form of connection between various devices that interact with the computer and perform specific functions. DOS Stands for disk-operating-system, which refers to a basic operating system used in most computers. HTML Hyper text mark-up language, used in the creation of web pages. Allows images and objects to be embedded on a website. USB, DOS & HTML

7 Monitor, Megabyte & IP Address
The monitor is the display screen of the computer, and refers to the entire piece of hardware. Megabyte A unit used to measure the amount of data stored on the computer. Refers to 1 million bytes. IP Address A numerical label used for computers that is assigned to devices participating in a computer network. IP stands for Internet Protocol. Monitor, Megabyte & IP Address

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