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Employee Attitudes … Job Satisfaction

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1 Employee Attitudes … Job Satisfaction

2 Job Satisfaction Definition: “a pleasurable feeling that ‘results from the perception that one’s job fulfills or allows for the fulfillment of one’s important job values’”

3 Sources of Job Satisfaction
10-14 Supervisors and Co-Workers reasons for satisfaction: share similar values provide support help to achieve goals

4 Sources of Job Dissatisfaction
Characteristics of: the physical environment the social environment +

5 Sources of Job Dissatisfaction
10-11 Personal Disposition Negative affectivity—a dispositional dimension that reflects pervasive individual differences in satisfaction with any and all aspects of life

6 Sources of Job Dissatisfaction
10-15 Pay and Benefits Absolute amount of income Benefits package Pay structure Raises

7 Sources of Job Dissatisfaction
10-12 Organizational Tasks Aspects that affect job dissatisfaction Degree of Physical Strain Task Complexity Value of Task

8 Sources of Job Dissatisfaction
10-13 Organizational Roles Aspects that affect job dissatisfaction Role Ambiguity Role Conflict Role Overload

9 Source of Negative Behaviors --
Job Dissatisfaction Source of Negative Behaviors -- Tardiness Absenteeism Turnover Stress Burnout Theft Grievances Whistleblowing Decreased job involvement Lower organizational commitment

10 Model of Job Dissatisfaction - Job Withdrawal Process
10-10 Causes of Job Dissatisfaction - personal disposition - task and roles - supervisors and co-workers - pay and benefits Job Dissatisfaction Job Withdrawal Manifestation of Job Withdrawal - behavior change - physical withdrawal - psychological withdrawal - health problems

11 Consequences of Job Dissatisfaction
behavior change physical job withdrawal psychological job withdrawal health problems

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