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Maps and Map Projections

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1 Maps and Map Projections

2 Map Projections -A globe is the most accurate portrayal of the Earth and the size of its land masses -For obvious reasons, globes are not as convenient as flat maps (i.e. size, shape) -However, there is difficulty portraying a spherical object on a flat surface -For that reason, three map projections have been developed to portray what we see on a globe -Interrupted, Mercator and Mollweide

3 Mercator -Mercator maps are most commonly used however drastically distort objects farther away from the equator.

4 Mollweide -Mollweide distorts landmasses however not the proportions of those continents and countries.

5 Interrupted -Interrupted does not distort land masses and maintains accurate proportions. Interrupted does not however allow for accurate measurement of distance.

6 Geography: Before You Start
Latitude, or parallels, are imaginary lines parallel to the equator, running east and west Longitude, or meridians, are imaginary lines parallel to the Prime Meridian, running north and south Hemisphere, one half of the earth Equator, or 0 degrees latitude Prime Meridian, or 0 degrees longitude Tropic of Cancer, or 23.5 degrees north latitude Tropic of Capricorn, or 23.5 degrees south latitude


8 Labeling Maps: T.O.A.D.S. Title: Name the Map
Orientation: North, South, East and West Author: Identify the creator of the map Date: Place a date the map Symbols: Every map needs a scale & symbols to identify characteristics

9 Physical and Political Maps

10 Physical

11 Political

12 Physical-Political

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