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SEEING IS BELIEVING The University of Arkansas System.

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1 SEEING IS BELIEVING The University of Arkansas System

2 Partnering to Bring Vision Health to The University of Arkansas System Superior Vision’s mission is to help our members enjoy the wonders of sight through healthy eyes and vision. We care for clients and members by delivering broad and affordable access to vision care, unwavering Superior service, and resources to help them make informed vision care choices that offer the greatest value.

3 Strength of our Partnership Superior Vision is a leading eye and vision health solutions company All we do is vision No lab or frame manufacturer ownership Providers have greater control on quality and turn-around time No competing business models that preclude Superior from ensuring the greatest access and choice for members Freedom of choice to access the industry’s broadest provider network Benefits are the same at all provider locations Some other carriers offer lower allowances at retail providers Member focus; personalized ID cards mailed to the member’s home Partnership between The System and Superior Vision to make the Plan successful for all employees

4 Superior Plan At A Glance Covered benefits; members more likely to utilize plan with ID card, website support, outstanding customer service, strong provider network Eye exam Frame allowance Covered lenses Contact lens allowance Stand-alone Contact Lens Fitting exam Valuable progressive lens coverage Discounts on covered and non-covered services and materials Out-of-pocket maximums Delivered through a provider network that gives members the ultimate choice and control

5 Superior Plan At A Glance

6 Network

7 Superior Network Access The broadest network of eye care providers Ophthalmologists, optometrists, optical retail chains No outsourced provider network Benefits are the same at all providers (no restrictions) Flexibility to go to one provider for exam, another for materials Network Access based on census data : 77.1% of employees have desired access: 2 providers within 5 miles 94.5% of employees have desired access: 2 providers within 15 miles Urban, Suburban, and Rural Metrics 98.9% of employees have desired access: 2 providers within 10 miles, 2 providers within 15, and 2 providers within 30 miles.

8 Network of Choice Large, diverse national network with unparalleled access –Ophthalmologists, optometrists, retail chains Flexibility and choice in provider access leads to lower member out-of-pocket costs Largest refractive surgery network

9 Member Experience

10 Health Starts with an Eye Exam Education to Improve Daily Living: Computer Vision Syndrome UV Protection ADD and ADHD Misdiagnoses Alert for Eye Diseases: Cataracts Glaucoma Macular Degeneration Alert for Systemic Diseases: Cancer Diabetes High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol Improve Visual Acuity; Increase Productivity and Well-being Importance of a Routine Eye Exam

11 Unique plan features that lowers members’ out-of-pocket costs 1.Discount features & out-of-pocket maximums 2.Contact Lens Fitting benefit 3.Progressive lens coverage 4.Discounted online contacts 5.Network choice Looking Beyond the Premium: Creating Cost Savings

12 Superior Customer Service Member-centric philosophy puts the needs of our members and customers first 98% customer retention rate Member satisfaction = 98% Good, Very Good, Excellent Enrollment meeting / Health Fair representation Dedicated Account Managers Online tools for members, groups at Extended Customer Service hours, including Saturdays

13 Anytime Access to Vision Care Information Information-rich portal for members & benefit managers View plan benefits & coverage Print out multiple ID cards Find network providers Download forms Nominate a provider Vision Care Learning Center


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