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Metro Security Force Inc. “Protecting you and your property”

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1 Metro Security Force Inc. “Protecting you and your property”

2 Get peace of mind Why do business owners use security services? Because, they want peace of mind. You can achieve this piece of mind, with a security plan tailored for your business. The most important component of a private security plan is the security company that stands behind it. Our job is to create a security plan, and implement it for you. This way you can focus on things that are more important to you...your business. Our goal is to provide you with a crime free working environment so your customers and employees will feel comfortable and at ease. Having been in the security business for many years, we understand the intricacies of our industry, and have developed programs to meet the unique and special needs of businesses and individuals.

3 Uniformed Security Security Guard Service Metro Security Services is the division that provides armed and unarmed security personnel for standing guard or patrol functions, special events, and key personnel protection. All of the personnel in this division are hand-picked for the duties and responsibilities for which they are assigned. We are proud to state that we have no instances of crime or misconduct amongst our personnel, which we feel is a direct result of our officer selection process and high standards. We are currently serving clientele in both armed and unarmed capacities, high profile public locations, railways, and many high crime areas. In each case, the officers are thoroughly trained to deal with difficult scenarios that could arise at any time. All security personnel are certified in self-defense, arrest procedures, and where applicable – the proper use of weapons, including firearms, mace, and baton. All field officers training is completed before the officer is assigned to any client’s facility. This phase one training is conducted by our in- house certified training experts. The next aspect of their training is also completed before they are permanently assigned to and clients facility. Phase two training involves on-site training at the client’s facility. This training involves familiarization with electronic fire and intrusion detection systems, the client’s business operation, key personnel, building floor plans, and grounds.

4 Patrol & Supervision Management and Supervision Metro Security Services maintains around-the-clock supervision for all operations. Each site is assigned a Patrol Supervisor, who is responsible for all daily operational requirements for his/her particular site. The Patrol supervisor reports directly to the Captain, who is responsible for ensuring that all clients’ operational standards are fulfilled. Metro Security Services management and supervision will be on site to inspect the officers frequently. In addition, management is available seven days per week, twenty-four hours per day to assist with emergencies, and to respond to special requests. Our management team will work closely with local law enforcement, FBI, and other agencies involved to ensure full cooperation from all parties. All involved agencies will be informed of APS Security Services shift schedules, specific personnel, and surveillance functions.

5 Investigation Services Investigative Services as Follows: Pre-Employment Background Checks –Metro Investigations can verify your employee backgrounds with multiple levels of review. From simple criminal background checks to in- depth national criminal and civil records searches and extensive past employer interviewing and low security screening to high security, high risk mission critical screening. Drug Screening Civil and Criminal Case Services –Metro Investigations professional staff can help you conduct thorough case investigations. Witness statements, skip-tracing, records searches, and criminal histories are a part of our everyday business and we are experts in proper evidence gathering and handling. Internal and External Theft Investigations –Our professional loss prevention investigators can help you uncover internal and external theft problems. We can provide hidden camera systems with multiple cameras and digital recording, as well as remote observation via internet or locally via local network. –Our investigators are experts at gathering proper evidence and performing misconduct interviews. Worker Compensation Fraud Investigations –Metro Investigations has a staff dedicated to rooting out workers compensation fraud. Our experts can review accident scenes, interview witnesses, check-up on doctor backgrounds and complaints, follow personnel on disability and video tape their activities and prepare cases for court.

6 Our Services Uniformed Security... Investigation Services... Technical Services... Armed Security officers Unarmed Security officers Marked Patrol vehicles Bicycle Patrol Service Alarm Response Periodic patrol checks Criminal / Civil Investigations Undercover Investigations Insurance Investigations Retail Agents (Loss prevention officers) Plain Clothes Bodyguards Subpoena Service Background checks Pre-employment Investigations Missing Persons Locate Anyone (old friends family etc...) Surveillance Videos/ camera systems Finger Printing Secure Photo I.D. Cards Phone Tap detection Electronic Bug Sweeps Drug Testing service

7 Contact Information Office 205-849-7140 Chief Debbie Williams Toll free 1-866-631-5335 Asst. Chief Kristie Williams Fax 1-205-849-7142 Director J.R. Williams Web: 1810 Decatur Hwy Suite 124 Fultondale Alabama 35068

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