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Secure Infra-Structure Consulting and Force Protection Services US and Mexico Capability Brief for The Service.

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2 Secure Infra-Structure Consulting and Force Protection Services US and Mexico Capability Brief for The Service

3 Who we are We are professionals, we are your guardians, your proctors and your sentinels. The Service is comprised primarily of former or active duty law enforcement, military and fire personnel. Our doctrine is very human centric; selective hiring, staff retention and ongoing training of perishable skills are the cornerstones of our organization.

4 Capability Brief for The Service Command and Control Decision Support CLIENT Intelligence and Threat Assessment Operational and Crisis Management Executive and Work Force Protection Project Management and Implementation Support Services Asset Protection and Physical Site Security Policy Development and Security Planning Communications and Technology Consulting What we do

5 Capability Brief for The Service Security Consulting and Project Management The Service helps government, critical infrastructure and corporations enhance their operational security with an extensive array of consulting services and solutions. Our consultants are content matter experts in their disciplines and our project managers are experienced veterans. Planning and Policy Development  Development of Human Asset Protection Policy and Procedures  Development of Corporate Security Policy, Protocols and Doctrine  Force Protection Planning and Development  Facility Security Assessment and Mitigation Planning  Workplace Violence Mitigation Planning  Disaster Recovery and SIP Planning  Bomb/Arson Threat Assessment and Response Planning  Premise Liability Assessment and Physical Plant Improvements

6 Capability Brief for The Service Client Training  Executive Training for Initial Crisis Management  Staff Development of Corporate Security Personnel  Staff Training on security and emergency policy and procedures  Certified Taser Training for staff and executives  Certified Unarmed Defensive Tactics for Principals, Spouses and Children  Advanced Firearms handling and tactics for self defense  Hardening Your Lifestyle, a primer in not being a victim Technical and Project Management  Project Management, specification documents, plans, timelines,...process analysis, critical path planning and oversight  Oversight of security related issues for construction phases  Technology Consulting for video, sensors, secure communications, …command & control systems and systems integration for the security role  Corporate Communications Security Security Consulting and Project Management

7 Capability Brief for The Service Corporate Protective Services The Service provides comprehensive solutions to proactively safeguard and when necessary reactively defend critical infrastructure, human life, key national assets and corporate interests alike. We provide the very best in force protection to safeguard life and limb whether that be Executive Protection or Facility Overwatch. Protective Services  Armed Facility and Critical Infrastructure Protection  Armed Executive Protection, Escorts, Safe-house and Transportation  Protective Intelligence Service and Surveillance  Organized Human Threat Mitigation  Workplace Violence Interdiction  Hostile Terminations and Corporate Disputes  Industrial Espionage Mitigation and Counter Surveillance

8 Capability Brief for The Service Corporate Protective Services Intelligence and Investigative Services  Special Event Advance Intelligence, Venue Sweeps and Security  Travel Advance Intelligence, Hotel and Venue Sweeps and Site Security  Threat Assessments Against Human Targets  Maritime and Port Security Assessments  Civil Liability Investigations, Witness Interviews, Case Management  Pre-Employment Background Investigations  Current Employment Retention/Promotion Background Investigations  Executive Officer/Directors Due Diligence Investigations  Employee Criminal Activity Investigations  Employee Civil Liability Investigations  Due Diligence Investigations for Mergers and Acquisitions

9 Capability Brief for The Service 2008 Advanced Officer Training Training is the cornerstone that sets The Service apart. Each year all Agents and Officers of The Service undergo extensive inservice training. Below is the mandatory 2008 curriculum, optional venues were provided that are not listed.  Quarterly Firearms training and qualification, Law Enforcement Course of Fire  Unarmed Combat  Edged Weapons Techniques  Explosives Identification, Basic Detection Techniques, First Responder Protocols  Advanced Use of Force, Critical Thinking and Legal Aspect of Lethal Force  Contact and Cover tactics, advanced officer safety  Legal Aspects of Concealed Carry  Air Taser Instructor Certification  Secure Transportation Tactics and Strategies, movement, formations, logistics

10 Capability Brief for The Service Team 1 - 2008 Defensive Tactics Training Rotation Rifle Pistol Shotgun Air Taser Unarmed Combat Knife Fighting

11 Capability Brief for The Service What we propose  Requirements Analysis and Initial Assessments  Development of Current Situational Intelligence  Armed Executive Protection both CONUS and Mexico  Development of Service Capabilities in Mexico  to that end the Service is actively developing  incorporation in Mexico of sister company  issuance of firearms permits by Mexican Army  development of protocols for procuring active Army support  Development of Site Security and Risk Mitigation Plans  Technology consulting relating to the Security Plan  Construction inspection for critical infrastructure, security facilities, etc  Site Security for asset and workforce protection

12 Capability Brief for The Service For further information please feel free to browse our web sites: Force Protection, Field Services, Investigations and Intelligence Government Operational Support, Project Management, Technology Or Contact us at: Enforcement Support Service 550 Fesler St, Suite G El Cajon, CA 92020 619-401-1120 619-401-1130 (fax)

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