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National Health changes and local impact. Contents National overview Local update: –Primary Care trusts (PCTs) –GPs –Public Health –Health and Wellbeing.

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1 National Health changes and local impact

2 Contents National overview Local update: –Primary Care trusts (PCTs) –GPs –Public Health –Health and Wellbeing Board –HOSC –LINks/HealthWatch Timeline Where can residents find information What help / support do you need

3 National overview The health and social care agenda has continued to be very busy and is set to continue that way for the lifetime of this Government The progression through the parliamentary process has not been smooth Changes will be made to the various health bills and timeline Direction of travel the same Will not cover areas already covered by other speakers

4 Primary Care Trusts Nationally to reduce expenditure and to try and ensure business continuity PCTs have merged into Cluster groups. Locally our 2 PCTs (East Sussex Downs and Weald, Hastings and Rother) are now in a Sussex wide Cluster covering: –West Sussex –Brighton and Hove –East Sussex Amanda Fadero is the new Sussex PCT Cluster CEO which is called NHS Sussex.

5 GPs – forming Clinical Commissioning Groups Nationally the debate has centred on: –pace of change –the role of the GP Commissioning Consortia –the make up of the Consortia The GP Commissioning Consortia will be re branded and changed to Clinical Commissioning Groups. This is to reflect the wider clinical engagement into the process. Each Group will have to have one registered nurse and also one doctor who is a secondary care specialist. These post holders must NOT be employed by a local provider Locally we have two consortia established (Hastings and Rother, Eastbourne) and will have to morph into ‘Clinical Commissioning Groups’. The Eastbourne Consortia is called Coastal Community Healthcare Consortium. The third group of GPs are debating about what they will do. This area covers Lewes, Wealden and the Havens. Pathfinder status has now been given by the Dept of Health to the established GP Commissioning Consortia who have now had elections and have ‘lead’ GPs in place.

6 Public Health Nationally the debate has focused on the role of Public Health England and the employment of Public Health staff Locally East Sussex awarded Early Implementer status by the Dept of Health in recognition of the joint work to date. This involves working with other early implementers and sharing best practice The PCTs Public Health commissioning team have co located to County Hall This is a ‘shadow’ arrangement until the full responsibilities and budget come to the Council in April 2013

7 Public Health service review Following the stakeholder conference it was clear that a service review of Public health was needed to help plan for the future Solutions for Public Health (an NHS trading arm) were appointed to undertake the review A report should be available in the Autumn

8 Health and Wellbeing Board Nationally: The Board is a statutory requirement of the new legislation Is a formal but unusual Council committee (officers voting) with statutory powers Locally: Our aim is to have a Board that is supports the development of the whole health and care system for East Sussex –setting the direction for change clearly linked to improvement in patient and service user outcomes and promoting joint working across commissioners Promote wider view of health determinates eg housing The Board is required to develop: –Joint Strategic Needs Assessment –Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee will remain

9 Health and Wellbeing Board - Proposed Membership Consultation has been undertaken Report of responses and recommendations now with the Council Outcomes and final Board membership should be known shortly Will update the Forum when I know the result However there are people who have to be members under the legislation. These are: –1 Elected members of the County Council, –Director of Adult Social Care –Director of Children and Young People –Director of Public Health –Clinical Commissioning Groups representation –Local HealthWatch

10 Health and Wellbeing Board Assembly approach which has been successful in East Sussex, for example Community Safety Assembly feed into Board Board sets the County overview of the Joint Health and Wellbeing strategy and its delivery Consultation is now live until 7 th September and the Shadow Board will receive a report of the outcome

11 Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee To scrutinize matters relating to the provision of health care and to promote the equality of opportunities in health care for the inhabitants of East Sussex. To make reports and recommendations to local NHS bodies, as defined, patients’ representatives, the County Council and to other relevant bodies on matters affecting the provision of health care for the inhabitants of East Sussex. HOSC will remain

12 HealthWatch Nationally: HealthWatch England to be established October 2012 Local HealthWatch to be established October 2012 Local Authorities commissioning NHS complaints advocacy service Locally: multi agency HealthWatch Development Group looking at what can be done local, what may be better sub regionally LINks - the Local Involvement Networks will cease to exist in 2012

13 Timeline of key dates An amended timeline has been issued by Government Clear there will be delays The Government hopes that the new timetable ill strike a balance between ‘maintaining momentum’ while recognising some organisations would not be ready to take on full responsibilities under the old time frames

14 AOB Changes to timeline along with other information will go on the East Sussex Strategic Partnership website – Health and Wellbeing section We also do a regular bi monthly update that ahs a wide circulation – please contact me and I will put you on the mailing list Please let us know if there is anything the Council can help with. Initial contact is: direct line 01273 - 335012

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