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1 ‘Grasping the Nettle’ Cllr. Jonathan Owen Deputy Leader East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

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1 1 ‘Grasping the Nettle’ Cllr. Jonathan Owen Deputy Leader East Riding of Yorkshire Council

2 2 East Riding of Yorkshire In context One of largest Unitaries by area – almost 1000 sq.miles 22.7% of the population is aged over 65 Very low BME population Highest inward migration over past 8 years nationally Above average net out migration of young adults Low population density Hidden deprivation No large centre of population – 168 Town/Parish Councils Market town economy Long coastal strip

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4 4 Life Expectancy YEARS

5 “Dr Smith—The Councillor will see you now.” Councillor Surgery


7 A.Give every child the best start in life B.Enable all children, young people and adults to maximise their capabilities and have control over their lives C.Create fair employment and good work for all D.Ensure healthy standard of living for all E.Create and develop healthy and sustainable places and communities F. Strengthen the role and impact of ill health prevention 6 Policy Objectives


9 9 Transfer of Public Health Clinical Commissioning Groups New Strategic Health Authorities Abolition of PCT’s Healthwatch Health and Wellbeing Boards

10 10 What is Health and Wellbeing? Financial security & employment The Environment Education Recreation & Leisure Social Belonging Physical & Mental Health

11 11 A Health & Wellbeing Strategy – WHY? Liberating the NHS and the New Health & Social Care Bill says……. To ensure proper scrutiny and public engagement in Commissioning Plans & Health & Wellbeing Strategy Promote effective joint working Promote service integration Improve the quality of health services and health outcomes Reduce inequalities

12 12 Health and Wellbeing Board Role Assess the needs of the local population and lead the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) process Develop a high level Health and Wellbeing Strategy for the area based on the priorities emerging from the needs assessment and national health and care priorities Promotion of integration and partnership working across all relevant areas Support joint commissioning and pooled budget arrangements

13 13 Health and Wellbeing Strategy Directly informs commissioning of : Acute health care services Community health and care services Adult care services Children’s health and care services Public health interventions BUT should also influence deployment of resources for: housing, transport, cultural services, public protection, planning, etc

14 14 Health and Wellbeing Strategy Also relies on therefore robust strategies for the wider determinants of health: Economic development strategy Children’s plan Crime and disorder plan Transport plan Housing strategy Cultural strategy

15 15 Our Vision for our Health & Well Being Strategy Better care, more locally, within budget through transformation Everyone has to do things differently GPs Patients Hospitals Residents Health & Social Care professionals Councils LSP BUT

16 16 What have we done Shadow Health and Wellbeing board established Formed relationships – CCG/LSP/Senior Officers RAG (resource allocation group) Elected member involvement with CCG locality leads Workshops – joint with health Agreed joint ‘vision’ HWBB and CCG. Agreed our priority areas Use of LSP sub groups


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23 23 Three key words LEAD COLLABORATE ENGAGE David Behan Director General Social Care, local Government & Care Partnerships, Department of Health. Presentation Tuesday 24 th. April

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