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Enzyme Function What makes them not work. & Why….

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1 Enzyme Function What makes them not work. & Why…

2 Entry Task We explored 2 variables (tissue type & temperature) to see the effect the they have on Catalase… What effect did tissue type have on the presence of catalase enzyme? What effect did temperature have on the functioning of the catalase enzyme?

3 Homework: Discuss the Analysis Questions in groups of 3-4 4 minutes

4 What did your group discuss? What is this graph telling us?

5 Test Time Test Time Re-Test Temperature Test pH 15 minutes GO!!!

6 Why do high temperatures & pH decrease catalase function?  Enzymes are proteins  Proteins have complex structures that determine / affect their function  Protein structures are held together by covalent & hydrogen bonds

7 Heat & pH affect molecule bonds Changes in bond structure change a protein’s shape

8 Homeostasis & Enzyme function Homeostasis maintains conditions necessary for enzyme function… or we die.

9 Facts to know….  Enzymes only speed up reactions  Are reusable  work in both directions (building & breaking)  Only catalyze one reaction The human body contains over 55, 000 unique enzymes

10 Lactase Lab Using Glucose Strips  Remove 1 stick, close container  Dip test pad in solution  Wait EXACTLY 30 seconds  Compare test pad to color indicator  Disregard color changes that occur after 30 seconds

11 Homework: Due 10/2 Pre-Lab: Title through Procedure **Consider procedure a rough draft

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