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Chemical Reactions and Enzymes

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1 Chemical Reactions and Enzymes

2 I. What are enzymes? Your body has lots of reactions!
Enzymes: special protein catalysts that speed up specific reactions End in ASE Ex. Lactase digest lactose

3 The energy needed to get a reaction started
Activation Energy: The energy needed to get a reaction started

4 III. Lower the Activation Energy
Activation energy is the “start up” energy of a reaction They do not raise the temp! Increase the frequency that the reactants come together to react!

5 Enzymes Without Enzyme With Enzyme Free Energy
Progress of the reaction Reactants Products Free energy of activation

6 IV. Enzymes are Specific
The shape of each enzyme fits the shape of what its acting on SUBSTRATE: the reactant that connects with enzyme ACTIVE SITE: area where the substrate and enzyme meet up


8 V. Lock and key model Lock is the enzyme Key is the substrate
The lock hole is the active site

9 Enzymes can only catalyze 1 reaction because they only allow substrates with one particular shape to bond oes not fit!

10 Factors that Affect the Enzyme Performance
Temperature pH Salinity Concentration of enzyme or substrate

11 Temperature Enzymes are PROTEIN Heat too high they can denature

12 pH Enzymes work best at an ‘optimal’ pH Proteins they can denature

13 Salinity Too much salt will cause the enzyme
(protein) to denature, changing its shape so it will not function

14 Other factors Concentration of enzyme and concentration of
substrate will affect how many reactions can occur. Reactions depend on the limiting factor!

15 Enzymes are Reusable Enzymes will speed the reaction for a substrate
It will release the product and will work on another substrate

16 Examples Life is not possible without enzymes! !!!!!!! Lipase Protease
Lactase Sucrase Amylase Life is not possible without enzymes! !!!!!!!

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