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MOVING FORWARD with FITNESS A CommonHealth Presentation.

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1 MOVING FORWARD with FITNESS A CommonHealth Presentation

2 What do you think about when you hear the word FITNESS? Seriously Old School Concepts?

3 The Super-Fit or The Health Nut These guys all had to start somewhere!

4 Professional Athletes “Go Hard or Go Home”

5 Aerobics Classes & Fitness Crazes Glad that leotards and leg warmers were passing fashions?!

6 Forget it - Leave the Old Ideas Behind Fitness is what you make it.

7 Tear Down Your Wall and drop the excuses that hold you back  No Time  No Money  I don’t know how  I just don’t like it

8 Make Time Think you can find time to exercise. Think you can’t. Either way you’re right! 10 minutes CAN make a difference Get it done first thing or use commercial breaks to your advantage Maximize the time that you do have with interval training

9 Interval Training ~even two minutes is better than zero minutes~ Use your favorite activity. Push yourself for 1 minute followed by 1-3 minutes of an easy pace. Alternate high and low intensity for as many minutes as you have.

10 No Cash? No Problem! Walking is free and you already know how to do it Use the video section of the library or Netflix Try the internet for ideas and free instruction – Dance….no one is looking Check out used fitness equipment Fitness Center Discounts are also available for Commonwealth employees

11 Body Powered Lunges Push ups Crunches Triceps Dips Squats *Also check out the Moving Forward Poster in your work area*

12 Did I mention the tension? It is important to recognize that there is a difference between the discomfort that is normal with exercise and real pain that signals something isn’t right.

13 Exercise is hard, but not being well is even harder! Ease into it Work within your fitness level Learn proper form Warm up first Stretch last Get the right shoes Rest Exercise with a friend

14 This isn’t 10 th grade gym class You can decide what you want to do with your time. Make it work for you.

15 Do YOUR thing Think about what you like Decide you have the time Use your resources Take control of your health Strive for progress, not perfection. -Unknown

16 Just get started. So here’s your permission slip to ditch the excuses and free yourself up for something you like that also happens to be great exercise! Now that we’ve taken that excuse away, what’s holding you back?

17 Thank You for Participating For more information please visit:

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