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STRATEGY a presentation by Geoff Ball & Jerry Talley Edgewise Consulting LLC GB 650-941-1497, JLT 650-967-1444,

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1 STRATEGY a presentation by Geoff Ball & Jerry Talley Edgewise Consulting LLC GB 650-941-1497,; JLT 650-967-1444,

2 Strategy Strategy - Choice making regarding the allocation of resources to move toward a desired goal or purpose, toward what we are seeking to create in the world.

3 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Why Strategy Alignment AND empowerment Clarity in decision making Effective use of resources Focus activity and thinking while retaining connection among the parts Opportunity to step back and dialog about unresolved conflicts that impede the effectiveness of the organization Taking a step back to test assumptions and look at implications Assessing uncertainties and risks

4 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Strategy Work has three parts Creating Assessment of the current situation Development of intent Choice making among strategic options Planning Making the broad strategic ideas more concrete and specific Strategy to tactics; goals to objectives; all to action Allocating resources Executing the plan Building understanding and commitment among implementers Assigning responsibilities Doing the work

5 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC “Strategy” can be articulated as: Principles in a “Strategic Framework” “We need to be abreast of and influencers of ‘best practices based on research.’ Policies to deal with a crisis No layoffs; deal with by unpaid vacation and 10% salary reductions (to cut expenses) Allocation of monies in a budget based on relative priority of goals Setting new directions in products or services

6 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Threats and Opportunities - Trends and Uncertainties Technological Factors Environmental Factors Economic Factors Political Factors Social and Cultural Factors

7 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Vulnerabilities (Threats) Markets Competition Technology Supplier Markets Government regulations Economy

8 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Capability Areas of capability: core competencies & expertise skills, knowledge & information enough people with right skills, etc. process skills capital and access to funding relationships and networks technology & information systems work systems; work process design organizational structure organizational culture

9 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Strategy Workshop Input includes: Key weaknesses Key Opportunities Key Threats Key Strengths Products & Markets Old and new products and markets Major goals next 3 years Acquisitions? How see organization in five years - products, services, clients, performance Events & trends that drive the business Company Intent -- mission, etc. - as you understand it Expectations for Strategy Workshop Other issues or inputs

10 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Some Representations for Strategy Work Customer’s Point of view Our place in a Network of organizations, individuals and technologies Process flows

11 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Processes that cross organizational boundaries Product Development: (Concept to Prototype) Sales: (Prospect to Order) Manufacturing (Parts to Product) Order Fulfillment: (Order to Payment) Post Sales Support: (Sales to Effective Use)

12 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Competitive Position - relative rating Rate yourself against the competition on these factors: Ability to meet market needs and preferences Costs Service Reputation Financial strength Proprietary position Market share

13 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC DRIVING AND TESTING

14 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Intent Intent - What we are headed toward - our WANT. Often expressed in: Purpose: Mission: Values: High level goals:

15 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Intent to Capability What does our intent imply for our capability? What capability will we need to carry our our intent. Capability

16 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Additional Prep Work - possibly needed information Current -- Mission, values Goals Core assumptions Strategies Products and services Value propositions Customers & clients Financial situation  Suppliers  Core competencies  Organizational system  Organizational structure  Organizational culture

17 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Resources (how to mobilize) Time of people Money Management attention Commitment [energy of employees, and …] Competency – skills, knowledge, proprietary information Information Relationships – customer loyalty, brand loyalty, goodwill, alliances, reputation Stocks of needed material resources Quality of work systems Organizational structure

18 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Stakeholders Key Players Stakeholder Values List of stakeholder classes we have and what are their interests? Employees Customers Investors Board Regulators Senior Management Suppliers Distributors Volunteers

19 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Common Organizational Dilemmas Order /\ Freedom Individual /\ Group or team Concentration /\ Expansion Speed/volume /\ Quality Market focus /\ Market breadth Long-term investment /\ Current performance and return Individual/private /\ Collective/public Planning /\ Doing Innovation /\ Stability Alignment /\ Empowerment

20 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Process Tools for Strategy Work Computer Technography Group Graphic Wall Charting Sample Strategic Plans Information tables Good questions to ask - and when to as them

21 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Key Players in each Stakeholder Group Categories are the following. Who SPECIFICALLY is in each of these categories for us? Employees - Customers - Investors - Regulators - Senior Management - Suppliers - Distributors -

22 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Culture - A Framework In describing culture consider the following

23 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Technological Factors Context

24 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Stakeholders values Stakeholder Values: Timely Cost Quality Aesthetic Effective Stakeholders vary in what they consider important. This can be expressed by the weighting they give certain values.

25 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Capability to Intent What does our capability suggest regarding our intent? To what extent should our intent be guided by our capability? Do we have a special capability that we should leverage in our intent?

26 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Nine Dilemmas that Leaders Face

27 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Thinking Dualities In Western thinking we emphasize the left column. Strategy work requires both sides to be effective.

28 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC CONTEXT - Grove Consulting Template (

29 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC INDUSTRY STRUCTURE Grove Consulting Template (

30 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Ends and Means (Goals & Strategies) n Point not the goal until you plot the course n For ends and means to man are tangled so n That different means quite different aims enforce n Conceive the means as end in embryo. — German poet

31 Copyright©2001 Edgewise Consulting LLC Choices in building an organization See table

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