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Electromagnetic Waves Spectrum Foldable

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1 Electromagnetic Waves Spectrum Foldable

2 EQ: What is the electromagnetic spectrum
EQ: What is the electromagnetic spectrum? Describe various aspects of the electromagnetic spectrum listing them from lowest frequency to highest frequency. Key Words electromagnetic wave, radiation, electromagnetic spectrum, radio waves, Microwaves, radar, infrared waves, visible light, visible spectrum, ultra violet light, x-ray, wavelength, frequency, gamma rays, speed of light

3 Foldable Activity: Include the speed of the different waves on the spectrum.
Describe how each wave is helpful/ harmful. Describe its uses in the real world. Provide two elements that are unique to each wave. Label and explain on the wave line frequency and wave length.


5 outside flaps Ultraviolet Rays Infrared Rays Radiowaves Microwaves
Visible Light Ultraviolet Rays X-rays Gamma Rays

6 Radiowaves Longest wavelengths Lowest frequencies Used in broadcasting

7 Microwaves Radiowaves with the shortest wavelengths and highest frequencies Ex: radar guns

8 Infrared Rays Wavelengths are shorter than radiowaves
Ex: heat lamps and infrared cameras

9 Visible Light Can see White light can be separated into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet

10 Ultraviolet Rays Energy is great enough to damage or kill living cells

11 X-rays Can penetrate most matter Too much exposure can cause cancer

12 Gamma Rays Shortest wavelengths Highest frequencies
Most penetrating of all waves

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