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The Electromagnetic Spectrum

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1 The Electromagnetic Spectrum

2 Radio Waves *Longest Wavelength *Lowest Frequency *Lowest Energy Examples-TV signals, AM & FM radio signals Radio waves travel easily through the atmosphere and many materials.

3 Microwaves *Shorter Wavelength than Radio Waves *Higher Frequency than Radio Waves *Higher Energy than Radio Waves Examples-Cell Phones and Radar Microwave ovens produce microwaves that cause water molecules in food to vibrate faster, which makes food warmer.

4 Infrared Waves *Shorter Wavelengths than Microwaves *Higher Frequency than Microwaves *Higher Energy than Microwaves Examples- Sun, Fire and Radiator All objects emit infrared waves-usually given off by hot objects (stars, lamps, people and animals). Infrared radiation is the type of EM wave most often associated with heat.

5 Visible Light *Shorter Wavelength than Infrared Light *Higher Frequency than Infrared Light *Higher Energy than Infrared Light Examples that reflect visible light: Sun, Light Bulbs Visible Light is the only part of the EM spectrum that the human eye can see. Red light= longest wavelength; lowest frequency Blue light= shortest wavelength; higher frequency White light= all colors mixed together

6 Ultraviolet Light *Shorter Wavelength than Visible Light *Higher Frequency than Visible Light *Higher energy than Visible Light Examples-Sun and special lamps (tanning bed) The wave can damage your skin and eyes; sun block can help filter out these frequencies. Uses: Sterilize medical equipment, help the produce vitamin D, harden dental fillings, and tanning.

7 X-Rays *Shorter Wavelength than Ultraviolet Light *Higher Frequency than Ultraviolet Light *Higher Energy than Ultraviolet Light Examples- X-ray machines to view bones and airport security X-rays have enough energy to go through skin and muscle but are absorbed by the bone. Can be dangerous for a living organism.

8 Gamma Rays *Shortest Wavelength *Highest Frequency *Highest Energy Examples- Sun, other stars and radioactive substances Used to kill cancer cells and fight tumors. Can be dangerous for a living organism.

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