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Liftmoore, Inc. Houston, Texas Who we are What we do.

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1 Liftmoore, Inc. Houston, Texas Who we are What we do

2 Liftmoore 4064XP with Hydraulic Outrigger

3 HISTORY Liftmoore has manufactured truck mounted cranes continuously since its start 1961 Dan Moore and several partners started the business 1983 Purchased by Herb Koenig, Jr. 1989 First fully hydraulic crane produced 1998 Introduced a computerized relay board to replace mechanical relays 2005 Manufacturing facility moved to a new plant

4 Liftmoore’s 33,000 Sq. Ft. Plant and 3,800 Sq. Ft. Office

5 Machine and Welding Bay

6 Paint, Assembly and Finishing Bay

7 MOMENT RATING Moment Rating is the only true method to know a crane’s lifting capacity. It is stated in the following very simple formula: Moment = Load x Distance

8 HYDRAULIC CRANES Planetary and Worm Gear Drive Winches Unlimited rotation (5,000 Lbs. and larger) Proportional or On/Off Controls Wired Pendant or Wireless controls

9 72100XP

10 5080X 50,000 Ft.-Lbs 8,000 Lbs ON/OFF Control Proportional Control Wire or Wireless

11 4064XP with Outriggers

12 3660X

13 1640X1032XP Wireless Receiver

14 CRANES - ELECTRIC Features of Liftmoore Electric Cranes 12 Volt DC Operation Efficient Planetary Gear Drive Most with Permanent Magnet Motors Unlimited Rotation Removable Wire Pendant control Wireless control Available

15 Planetary Winch 6036DX-236036WX-20

16 4000X 3200REE-15

17 2700AR206REL

18 L-8 L-21W

19 Liftmoore’s Newest Crane – LA-6K Boom folds Vertically Hydraulic Elevation to 75 Degrees 5.5 to 8.5 Ft. Hydraulic Extension 3 Ft. Manual Pullout Unlimited Power Rotation 2,000 Lbs Maximum Capacity 6500 Ft.-Lbs Moment Rating Optional Wireless Control

20 ACCESSORIES Outriggers – 10,000 to 72,000 Ft.-Lbs. Jackstands Boom Rests Pedestals

21 LIFTMOORE ADVANTAGES Wide range of sizes 800 to 10,000 Lbs. Maximum Capacity 4,500 to 72,000 Ft. – Lbs. Moment Rating 12 VDC Electric Cranes Planetary Gears for best efficiency Powered by batteries using vehicle charging system Rotation Backlash Adjustable Hydraulic Cranes Accessories Engineer to Order Custom Boom Lengths, Winch Wire Rope Capacity, etc.

22 SPECIFYING CRANES Three things you must know: 1. What is the maximum load? –In Lbs. 2. How far from the center of rotation –Load Radius 3. How long will the crane run at one time? –Duty Cycle

23 BENEFITS Save Labor – One man can easily handle heavy loads Reduce Injuries – No need to struggle with heavy loads that can injure backs Precision Hoisting – Accurately set heavy loads anywhere within the crane’s reach


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