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Estar, sentirse and tener

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1 Estar, sentirse and tener
Verbs to express your physical and emotional condition

2 SER vs. ESTAR Use SER to tell what people and things are normally like
D-date O- occupation C-characteristic T –time O- origin R- relation Use ESTAR with adjectives describing mental or physical states or conditions P –position L –location A –action C-Condition E-emotion

3 Sentirse (e -> ie) Me siento Te sientes Se siente nos sentimos
os sentís se sienten

4 Sentirse Like estar, sentirse (one’s self feels) can be used with adverbs BIEN/MAL Yo me siento bien. Tú te sientes mal. It can be used with adverbs to describe mental/physical states Nos sentimos cansados (We feel tired) No se sienten bien (They don’t feel well)

5 “Tener” expressions The following “tener” expressions with a NOUN, describe a mental or physical state Tener frío To have (be) cold Tengo frío Tener calor To have heat To be hot Tengo calor

6 More “tener” expressions
Tener miedo To have fear Tengo miedo I’m scared Tener sueño To have “sleep” To be sleepy Tengo sueño I’m sleepy La tarea Libro 106-7 Turn all late work in by!!

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