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Environment 26 th Amendment Roe v. Wade Watergate President Nixon.

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1 Environment 26 th Amendment Roe v. Wade Watergate President Nixon

2 Environmental Concerns Environmental Protection Agency (1970) Research for environment Pollution standards Clean Air Act (1970) Emissions standards for factories and automobiles Clean Water Act (1972) Limits polluting bodies of water Endangered Species Act (1973) Saves threatened animal and plant species

3 26 th Amendment (1971) 1. “The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age.” 1. Pushed for and passed because of controversy surrounding legal military age.

4 Roe V. Wade (1973) Court case determining whether or not abortion is a constitutional right Supreme Court affirmed that abortion is a Constitutional right for women States are permitted to put forth wait times, force applicants to take educational courses, and require parental involvement in the process if under 18.

5 Watergate (1974) The Democratic National Headquarters were broken into by individuals working for the Nixon re-election camp of 1972. A lengthy investigation concluded that the break-in was on behalf of President Nixon and his advisors. The Supreme Court ruled Nixon had to hand over audio tapes that recorded his discussions while in the Oval Office. The audio tapes provided strong reasons for suspicion and the involvement of President Nixon.

6 Watergate Impact Nixon resigned after advisors informed him congress was going to vote in favor of impeachment. President Nixon was pardoned by his successor, Gerald Ford. Many American’s developed a strong distrust of the government after Watergate.

7 Nixon Final Review 1. Discuss the following questions with your partner 1. What four ways did the Federal Government demonstrate a desire to improve the environment under Richard Nixon. 2. What is the legal voting age under the 26 th Amendment? 3. What is the impact of Roe v. Wade? 4. What was the Watergate Scandal? 5. What is the impact of the Watergate Scandal?

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