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Section 6-4 Populism.

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1 Section 6-4 Populism

2 Unrest in Rural America
Populism- a movement to increase farmers’ political power and to work for legislation in their interest. Farmers joined the Populist movement because they were in the midst of an economic crisis.

3 The Money Supply Greenbacks- paper currency that could not be exchanged for gold or silver coins. Inflation- a decline in the value of money due to increase in the money supply, without an increase in goods for sale. Deflation- an increase in the value of money and decrease in prices.

4 The Grange Takes Action
The Grange- Originally the Patrons of Husbandry. Was established by Oliver H. Kelley in First met for social and educational purposes. When the Panic of hit, farmers started joining the Grange in large numbers, looking for help. Worked to pressure legislators to regulate railroad shipping rates.

5 The Grange Takes Action
Cooperatives- marketing organizations that try to increase prices and lower costs for their members.

6 The Farmers’ Alliance Farmers’ Alliance- tried to help farmers by forming large cooperatives, called exchanges, to force prices up and to make low interest loans to farmers.

7 The Rise of Populism The People’s Party- (Populists) Political party started by the farmers because of the lack of success of the Farmers’ Alliance. Pushed for political reform.

8 A Populist Runs For President
James B. Weaver- was nominated to run for president in 1892 for the People’s Party. His platform included denouncing the government’s refusal to coin silver and called for a Graduated Income Tax: tax that taxed higher earnings more heavily.

9 Election of 1896 William Jennings Bryan- Democratic nominee in the election of Was a strong supporter of silver. Populist’s, not wanting to split the silver vote, end up backing Bryan. William McKinley- Republican nominee in the election of Beats Bryan, thus bringing an end to the Populist Party.

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