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Backup Modernization with NetBackup Appliances

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1 Backup Modernization with NetBackup Appliances

2 Backup Modernization – Media Server Refresh
Disk Backup with Point Solutions Pros Cons Good OpEx savings with target Strong RPO and RTO: short term retention Multiple HW and SW products Poor OpEx Poor RPO &RTO for long-term retention Fork lift upgrades Server Platform Backup SW OS Storage Add-ons NICs, etc. OpEx Factors Symantec OpenStorage allows storage partners to deliver backup and recovery solutions with tighter integration with NetBackup.  For additional information, refer to the Symantec NetBackup Hardware Compatibility List (HCL): NetBackup Platform NetBackup Appliances and OpenStorage (OST) Strong OpEx savings with NetBackup Appliances Investment protection: software licensing Reduces CapEx: fewer point products

3 Build Your Own Media Server
Acquire Install Admin Patch Support Backup Application Server Platform By offering an appliance, Symantec simplifies our customers lives through OpEx savings. This is evident in five key areas: Acquisition, Installation & Integration, Administration, Patching and Upgrades, and Support. Compare this to the complexity of building and supporting your own media server. There are numerous components which must be ordered, interoperability of the components must be verified, install and integration takes hours sometimes days, configuration is tested and performance tweaked. For administering the media server, the customer is faced with multiple components to manage, multiple patches, firmware updates that are separate and need to be tested. And lastly, support often turns into the finger pointing game with 3, 4 or even 5 vendors. As a fully integrated, tested, performance optimized solution, Symantec appliances provide significant benefits by reducing cost, complexity, and risk. Storage Operating System Symantec NetBackup Appliances Add-on Components Support

4 Software installation
Shorten time-to-value with Symantec backup appliances Reducing personnel time and skill-sets required to implement and support modern data protection Architect Selection Process Purchase Process Assembly Software installation Patching Tuning Production Support Change Control Problem Resolution Updating Symantec Appliance Strategy Select an Appliance Purpose Built Configurations Include: A platform designed specifically for NetBackup Integrated storage designed, laid out, configured, and tuned specifically for NetBackup A customized, patched operating system tuned specifically for NetBackup Certified, configured and tuned connectivity options NetBackup customizations specifically for the appliance form factor Purchase Deploy Support Model (One Partner for both NetBackup and Hardware) Simplified change control Architect Appliance Selection Purchase Process Implement Support Build-it-yourself Strategy Architect Platform Standards Select Platform Hardware, Vendor, and OS Pick Configuration Candidate Lab, Testing Connect to VSAN, LAN, NetBackup Provision Storage Configure Application Test Configuration Add workload Validate and Document Configuration Management tools Purchase Components Server Storage SAN LAN HW Assembly, configuration, implementation Storage Configuration, layout and provisioning OS Installation and Patch, hardware driver patching Security / management software implementation NetBackup Installation and Patch Tuning Storage Operating System Network NetBackup Deploy Stage Test Add OS + Patches Add NetBackup + Patches Customize to Hardware Change control coordination Server group Storage group Network group Application group Support Model Server Platform Support Storage Support NetBackup Support Security Support Management Reporting Who Owns the Problem ?


6 Benefits of Single Solution Protection
Organizations need a holistic protection strategy, a single platform or solution, to handle the variety of data types and workloads as opposed to integrating a number of disparate point solutions, which proves to be costly and time consuming. Dave Russell Gartner Vice President of Storage Technologies and Strategies Insert Course Title

7 Benefits of Purpose-Built Backup Appliance
PBBA systems provide more value and utility to customers than solutions cobbled together with general-purpose disk and software…. In addition, integrated PBBA solutions allow customers to extend their data protection and recovery infrastructure quickly and easily by allowing them to add media servers. Symantec has listened to its customers and developed the NetBackup appliances to assist in lowering their operating expenditures. The need for fully integrated appliances is also supported by industry analysts, such as Robert Amatruda at IDC. Robert Amatruda IDC White Paper: The Evolution and Value of Purpose- Built Backup Appliances, March 2013, #239730 Insert Course Title

8 Financial Analysis A customer can save $122,000 over three (3) years with NetBackup Appliances1 Five (5) areas of savings: Acquisition Installation/Integration Administration Patches and Firmware Upgrades Support In addition, minimize risk and improve SLAs: Faster time to deployment Reduce system incompatibilities Standardized systems reduce errors Business Case Assumptions for the Financial Analysis: 1. Annual Administration cost: $85,000 2. Depreciation cycle: 3 years 3. Server cost: $ 6,500 4. Operating System cost: $ 1,250 5. Storage cost per TB: $ 1,500 6. Storage capacity per Media Server (TB): 40 7. Savings time horizon: 3 years 8. Number of master and/or media servers: 7 1. Based on a customer environment of seven (7) media servers.

9 What Is the NetBackup Appliance?
vSphere Backup Integration NetBackup with intelligent deduplication Veritas Storage Foundation™ from Symantec Symantec™ Critical System Protection Built-in WAN optimization What is NetBackup appliance? Is it just NetBackup pre-installed on hardware? The answer is both yes and no! You may ask why? Yes, NetBackup appliance is simply backup in a box if you are looking for a solution for your data protection and disaster recovery readiness. That is the business problem you are solving with this turnkey appliance that installs in minutes and reduce your operational costs. No, NetBackup appliance is more than a backup in box if you are comparing it with rolling your own hardware for NetBackup or if you are comparing it with third party deduplication appliances. Here is why I say this… NetBackup appliance comes with redundant storage in RAID6 for storing your backups Symantec worked with Intel to design the hardware for running NetBackup optimally for predictable and consistent performance. Eliminates the guesswork while designing the solution. Many vendors will talk about various processes running on their devices to perform integrity checks, some solutions even need blackout windows to do those operations. NetBackup appliances include Storage Foundation at no additional cost. The storage is managed by Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) and presented to operating system through Veritas File System. Why is this important? SF is industry-leading storage management infrastructure that powers the most mission-critical applications in the enterprise space. It is built for high-performance and resiliency. NetBackup appliance provides 24/7 protection with data integrity on storage provided by the industry leading technology. The Linux based operating system, optimized for NetBackup, harden by Symantec eliminates the cost of deploying and maintaining general purpose operating system and associated IT applications. NetBackup appliances include built-on WAN Optimization driver. Replicate to appliances on remote sites or to the cloud up to 10 times faster on across high latency links. Your backups need to be protected. Symantec Critical System Protection provides non-signature based Host Intrusion Prevention protection. It protects  against zero-day attacks using granular OS hardening policies along with application, user and device controls, all pre-defined for you in NetBackup appliance so that you don’t need to worry about configuring it. Best of all, reduce your operational expenditure and eliminate complexity! One patch updates everything in this stack! The most holistic data protection solution with the least number of knobs to operate. Symantec hardened operating system Optimized hardware Redundant storage

10 NetBackup 5230 NetBackup 5230 Appliance Integrated backup appliance
Role: Media, Master, or combo server Scalable: 4 to 86TB usable physical capacity Deduplication: client or target Connectivity: 5 configurations Replication New 14TB configuration!

11 NetBackup Appliances: Protecting Today & Tomorrow
Remote Office/Branch Office Streamlining remote office data protection Virtual and Physical Machines End-to-end protection across virtual and physical machines Tiered Storage Supports tape, Advanced Disk, dedupe disk, and Cloud Disaster Recovery No more putting tapes on trucks! Four key areas are: Remote offices, providing streamlined solutions which eliminates the complexity of multiple point solutions and provides centralized management and data protection. With NetBackup appliances, remote offices can backup, dedupe, and then replicate the copies to the corporate office under the direction and control of headquarters staff. While backup takes many forms, recovery shouldn’t. Symantec backup and recovery solutions with V-Ray provide the single solution when recovery is needed, whether from tape, disk, snapshot, cloud – physical or virtual. As a single solution, NetBackup appliances backup and recover both physical and virtual servers. Tiered storage – NetBackup provides the backup and recovery solutions whether from tape, disk, snapshot; physical or virtual, and even cloud. Cloud storage is an emerging tool for data protection. It has the potential to significantly reduce OpEx and CapEx costs. In NetBackup 7.5, Symantec has expanded the number of cloud storage vendors to provide more choice and options. Every choice Symantec makes in designing and implementing NetBackup is made to eliminate complexity from our customer’s jobs as IT professionals. With features like bare-metal disaster recovery, AIR, WAN Optimization, Replication Director, and Accelerator, Symantec is delivering the best solutions for disaster recovery today, and in the future.

12 Additional Customer Facing Content
White Paper – Key Factors in Modernizing Backup and Recovery This paper provides a structured approach to assessing the advantages of the appliance model. Data Sheet – NetBackup Appliance versus Build Your Own Media Server The data sheet compares how Symantec NetBackup™ 5230 Backup Appliance takes the complexity out of backup servers, eliminating the need for organizations to build and manage their own backup server(s).

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