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Cloverleaf PLC Summer Planning Day Setting the Stage for a Great 2013-14!

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1 Cloverleaf PLC Summer Planning Day Setting the Stage for a Great 2013-14!

2 Common Core/ Essential Standards Collaborative Teams Formative Assessment Learning Centered 1.What do students need to know? 2.How will they learn it? 3.How will we know they’ve learned it? 4.What will we do if they don’t learn it? 5.What will we do if they already know it? Mission, Vision, and ValuesData-driven Decision-making PDSAAligned Strategic Plans I-SS Model to Raise Achievement & Close Gaps Instructional Facilitator Support

3 PLCs “ Mere collegiality will not cut it. Discussions about curricular issues or popular strategies can feel good but go nowhere. The right image to embrace is of a group of teachers who meet regularly to share, refine, and assess the impact of lessons and strategies continuously to help increasing number of students learn at higher levels.” -Mike Schmoker “On Common Ground” The Power of Professional Learning Communities, 2005.

4 PLC Activity Define- 1. What is the purpose of PLCs? 2. What are the characteristics of a strong PLC? 3. How can teachers “own” their PLC? Go to the Alison’s school page and click on PLC Summer Planning Day to access the Answer Garden for each question. Click on the link to record your responses.

5 Chairperson Recorder Sign In Sheet Keeper Duties of All Members Any other roles your team will need? PLC Roles and Responsibilities

6 PLC Agenda Standing agenda Required by Focus Schools Act to include “At-Risk Subgroups” or “At-Risk Students” as a standing agenda item. What else do you want on your agenda? What do you want omitted? Who sets the agenda? What will your process be for adding to it?

7 PLC Expectations One day during planning and one day after school Have an agenda and post the minutes in Google Drive Folder (Minutes were actually reviewed – and carefully read – by our DPI Focus School Reviewer.) Attend to matrix Be aware of your data, your grade level data and the names of the kids at risk “Shrink the red and grow the green.”

8 Teamwork Matrix Purpose of the PLC Teamwork Matrix – Guides the work of the team AIMSWeb and 3D windows added in this year Data Days, a part of our RtI process will be added We are currently adding dates – matrix will be ready during the first week back.

9 Curriculum Guide 101 Make a response card numbered 1-5 1=I've never seen or heard of this before. 5=I'm a pro at this and can help others to understand it! Go to ISS – Departments – Curriculum and Instruction – Common Core/Essential Standards – Curriculum Guides Create a folder on your desktop and save all the CGs for your grade level to that folder.

10 Curriculum Guide 101 Anchor Standards 8 Math Practices “Year-At-a-Glance” Focus Areas for Math Vocabulary Unpacking Learning Targets & Criteria for Success Resources Structures of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

11 Focus on Literacy You will be hearing more this year about the following: AIMSWeb and 3D data being used to inform RtI decisions Implications from Read to Achieve Act (there are MANY for kids, parents, and teachers) District-wide literacy plan Heavy emphasis on Daily 5 and Guided Reading in Elementary…even expanding to Middle Schools

12 PDSAs for this year Literacy and Math Grade level or Individual Teacher Up to date means within 10 school days What is an important area of focus for your grade level? Think about what you most want your kids to learn…break it down into chunks, if applicable…and put your focus there.

13 Learning Centered 1. What do students need to know? 2. How will they learn it? 3. How will you know they’ve learned it? 4. What will we do if they don’t learn it? 5. What will we do if they already know it? Formative Assessments Common Core/ Essential Standards Collaborative Teams Mission, Vision, and Values Data—driven Decision—making PDSA Aligned Strategic Plans Aimsweb, Reading 3D and other Diagnostic assessments, progress monitoring PLCs work together to problem solve & discuss intervention strategies All students receive core instruction- differentiated to meet their needs The RtI model is a PDSA, problem-solving process Using data to make instructional decisions about students in the RtI process ISS Model & RtI

14 Vertical Alignment PLC Teams will complete Quarterly Key Skills for Success. This document can help to drive decisions about what to use for CFAs Vertical Alignment teams will meet for discussion several times this year during after school PD For part of your work today, you may want to review the Curriculum Guides to work on PLC Quarterly Key Skills documents.

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