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DISTRICT 6980 MEMBERSHIP SEMINAR Art Brown, District Governor 2011-2012.

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1 DISTRICT 6980 MEMBERSHIP SEMINAR Art Brown, District Governor 2011-2012

2 AGENDA Welcome Introductions Membership Trends Growth Ideas Retention Ideas Break Strategy Planning Closing Comments

3 ROTARY 1905 – 20___ REST IN PEACE


5 District 6980 Membership Trends 2002-2011 Based on SAR Reports July 2002 1,999 July 20032,025 July 20042,159 July 20052,114 July 20062,178 July 20072,199 July 20082,237 July 20092,098 July 20102,075 July 20112,049

6 NEW MEMBERS INDUCTED IN DISTRICT 6980 That’s only a Net Increase of 50 in 9 years!

7 WHO IS ROTARY? Target Audience? Should “ANYONE” be allowed to be a Rotarian?

8 ROTARY CONSTITUTION A “Rotarian” should be A ________________ According to many worldwide Rotarians, North America’s problem is that its clubs let anyone become a member, and if anyone can become a member, no one will become a member.


10 Rotary Around the world Over 34,000 Rotary Clubs 1.2 million Rotarians How do we help Rotary continue to grow

11 Action Plan for membership A successful Rotary Club will have its: –President –Board, and –Membership Committee involved in developing an Action Plan for Membership

12 Define your goals Set a quantifiable membership goal. Increase from “X” to “Y” by June 30, 2012 Define and improve membership processes for your club Identify new ways to engage and immerse new members into the club -- recruitment process, mentoring process, special badge for new members, etc. Set a quantifiable goal for improving retention

13 Some Ideas you can use The 25 minute Membership Survey Encourage members to sponsor new members Encourage diversity Invite more women and young professionals Help members tell the Rotary story –International projects –District projects –Club projects –The Rotary Foundation Public Relations

14 Group Discussion What are some of the best methods you have found or are considering for recruiting new members? What is your club doing to increase diversity – age, gender, professions, community leadership, etc.? How can your club rebrand itself in your community to help attract and retain people who would be good Rotarians?

15 RETENTION Is it Important?

16 THE RETENTION FIX Mentor Program Welcome Committee Table Assignments

17 Member Minute Post Resume’ in club bulletin

18 Post the name of every Rotarian on the club web- site and on club Facebook pages, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

19 New Members, as well as Existing Members should be financed by the club to attend Rotary Leadership Institute

20 Organize something “FUN” once a month in a “Non-Rotary” location for Rotarians to enjoy and bring prospective Members

21 Engage a “New Member Committee” and charge them with putting a “Career Day” For all Members to participate

22 Establish a “FUN” committee and have your new members run it!


24 CREATING A ROTARY BUSINESS PLAN 1.Establish a Vision. 2.Create a “powerful” guiding coalition. 3.Create a systematic strategic plan with short term, attainable goals. 4.Remove obstacles. 5.Establish a sense of urgency. 6.Communicate often. 7.DO NOT declare mission accomplished too soon.


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