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Northern Ireland 1169-2005. Great Britain and Ireland.

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1 Northern Ireland 1169-2005

2 Great Britain and Ireland

3 Roots of the Conflict- religion, ethnicity and colonialism Normans in Ireland- 1169 Plantation of Ulster- 16 th century Act of Settlement 1653 Accession of James II 1685 William of Orange ascends to British throne

4 King William of Orange

5 Roots of the Conflict c’ntd Penal Laws introduced from 1695 onwards 1782- Irish Parliament received legislative independence Development of Peep O’ Day Boys, Defenders, Orange Order 1798- United Irishmen Rebellion 1800- Act of Union 1829- Catholic Emancipation

6 Independence of Ireland Struggle for land reforms – 1870s & 1880s Irish Parliamentary Party – 1882 Home Rule – 1 st attempt – 1885 2 nd attempt – 1893 3 rd attempt - 1914

7 Partition World War One – 1914 Government of Ireland Act – 1920 Irish War of Independence – 1919-1921

8 Irish Free State and Northern Ireland

9 Northern Ireland Parliament - Stormont

10 1921-1963 The new NI Parliament- unstable at first, financial and political difficulties as well as inexperienced government ministers Catholics took little part in new NI state- electoral discrimination, grievances in housing, policing and employment. “A Protestant state for a Protestant people”

11 Reasons for unrest 1963- arrival of Terence O’Neill as Prime Minister. Introduction of reforms. Attracted opposition from within his party as well as from Ian Paisley Catholics encouraged by success of Civil Rights movement in America Formation of NICRA By the late 60s the peaceful protests had begun to take on a more violent nature

12 Initial Reaction of British Government to Violence in Northern Ireland 1969- British troops sent to Northern Ireland 1970- Curfews, house searches 1971- Internment 1972- Bloody Sunday Following this Direct Rule from Westminster was re-instated

13 Responses to Terrorism Power-sharing, Sunningdale – 1973-74 Rolling Devolution – 1982-84 Anglo Irish Agreement – 1985 Downing Street Declaration - 1993

14 Aftermath from Anglo-Irish Agreement

15 Looking forward Good Friday Agreement – 1998

16 Good Friday Agreement Human Rights and Equality Early release of terrorist prisoners Decommissioning of paramilitary weapons Reforms of criminal justice and policing.

17 Good Friday Agreement, con’t Three strands, 1. Creation of Northern Ireland Assembly 2. North-South Relationships 3. East-West Relationships

18 Prospects for a Functioning Local Democracy Many issues still need to be resolved, such as policing, decommissioning and prisoner releases Remaining hostility between political parties Northern Bank robbery- suspected IRA involvement having knock-on effect for Sinn Fein- withdrawal of funding

19 Prospects for a Functioning Local Democracy Hopes for the future Inclusive government Economic development Development in inter-community cultural awareness eg. through integrated schools, cross community initiatives such as BEI Equal opportunity programs


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