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Institute Of Applied Technology ATE 1010 Grade 10 Ms. Rose Hasan.

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1 Institute Of Applied Technology ATE 1010 Grade 10 Ms. Rose Hasan

2  Outline safety rules at:  Homes  Labs  Workshops  jobs  Identify electrical hazards and learn how to control them  Explain the factors that determine the severity of an electric shock  Learn how to response to electrical emergencies. Ms. Rose Hasan

3  Introduction to Electrical Safety  Home Safety  Outdoors Safety  Labs & Workshops Safety  Safety and Accident Prevention Signs  Introduction to Electricity  Electric Shock  How to Act in Electrical Emergency Situations  Class and Lab Activities Ms. Rose Hasan

4  Electricity is a useful and powerful tool in our daily life. Ms. Rose Hasan

5  The danger of electricity:  Shock, burn or kill you  Damage sensitive devices Ms. Rose Hasan

6  Home safety tips DON'T overload plugs because it can cause electrical fires. Never use an electrical appliance in a wet area. This will cause an electric shock Ms. Rose Hasan

7 DON’T pull on the flex to remove a plug from the sockets. This will damage the insulations and cause a shock or an electrical fire Never allow children to play with outlets. Putting anything in electrical outlet may can shock or kill a person Ms. Rose Hasan



10 Home Safety Ms. Rose Hasan

11  Sources of electricity hazards in the outdoors:  high voltage  power lines  electricity substations  transformer boxes Ms. Rose Hasan

12  To avoid accidents and protect yourself from electrical injuries, follow the next tips: Ms. Rose Hasan



15  To avoid accidents and injuries in the workshops and labs, follow the next safety rules and practices: Ms. Rose Hasan

16 ``





21  Find the hidden dangers !!!!   Do Activity 1 Ms. Rose Hasan

22  Have you ever thought how electricity comes to your house?  sources of electricity:  power stations  wind turbines  water power  solar power  battery power Ms. Rose Hasan







29  An electrical shock is received when electrical current passes through the body.  You will get an electrical shock if a part of your body completes an electrical circuit by:  Touching a live wire and an electrical ground  Touching a live wire and another wire at a different voltage. Ms. Rose Hasan


31  Downed Wire Stay away from all downed wires - even if there are no sparks. Get help right away. Do not touch anything, or anyone, that is touching a downed wire Ms. Rose Hasan

32  Downed Wire Touching a Vehicle Ms. Rose Hasan

33  Electrical Fire Ms. Rose Hasan

34  Electrical Shock Ms. Rose Hasan

35  Activities (2  7): Done in the Class Ms. Rose Hasan

36  Be prepared to a Quiz next Class in module #1.  Next Class: Start with Module #2 : Hand Tools Ms. Rose Hasan

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