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Parent Informational Presentation on the Third Grade Reading Guarantee November 7, 2012 Campus Elementary School Cafeteria 6:00 – 7:00 PM.

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1 Parent Informational Presentation on the Third Grade Reading Guarantee November 7, 2012 Campus Elementary School Cafeteria 6:00 – 7:00 PM

2 What is the Purpose of the Meeting? To introduce the Third Grade Reading Guarantee and go over the elements of the guarantee. To solicit parent – home – school support for the students. To share what Streetsboro City Schools is doing to support this guarantee and provide reading intervention for our students.

3 3 rd Grade Guarantee Goal: Ensuring that All Students Can Read

4 What is the “Third Grade Reading Guarantee?” ORC 3313.608 (B)(1) “requires all public school districts and community schools to administer a reading diagnostic assessment to all students in grades K-3 by September 30 each year, starting in the 2012-2013 school year.”

5 Who does this affect? All students grades K-3 will be affected. Students are tested by Sept 30 th each year and tracked throughout the year. Targeted students who are not “on track” in the area of reading will be identified and parent notification is required. School District Boards of Education must adopt board policies and procedures for assessing the reading skills of each student in grades K-3 by September 30 each year starting this school year.

6 What will take place? For students who are identified as not “on track”, the following will take place: 1.Begin reading intervention immediately using research based reading strategies for specific areas of weakness, 2.Develop a reading improvement and monitoring plan within 60 days of identification, 3.Parents will be notified.

7 What is a “Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plan [RIMP]?”


9 Students are more likely to stay in school Early Reading Intervention

10 Intensive Reading Intervention Provide an “altered instructional day” where assessment data is used to determine which research based reading strategies will be used to improve the identified area of weakness. Interventions must include “intensive, explicit, and systematic instruction.” Interventions may include small group instruction, reduced teacher/student ratios, more frequent progress monitoring, tutoring/mentoring, after school reading camps.

11 OAA Cut Scores OAA cut scores for retention triggered by the Third Grade Reading Guarantee are: 390 for the 2012-2013 school year 392 for the 2013-2014 school year A student must reach 390 on either the Fall or Spring Administration on the Grade 3 Reading OAA.

12 Third Grade Reading Guarantee For the 2012-2013 school year, districts may do the following with students not reaching the designated score of 390 on the third grade reading OAA: Promote the student to the fourth grade if the principal and student’s reading teacher agree that the student is academically prepared for grade four based on another evaluation of reading skill. Promote the student to the fourth grade, but continue to provide intensive intervention services in grade four. Retain the student in the third grade.

13 Retention Starting the 2013-14 school year, all students scoring below the designated level of 392 on the 3 rd grade reading OAA MUST be retained, except for the following: 1.Limited English Proficient Students who have been enrolled in U.S. schools for less than two full school years AND have had less than two years of instruction in an ESL program. 2.Special Education Students IF their IEP exempts them from retention under the third grade guarantee. 3.Students who demonstrate reading competency on an alternative reading assessment approved by ODE. 4.Any student who has received intensive remediation for 2 years AND was previously retained in K-3 AND still has reading deficiencies. This student must continue to receive intensive reading instruction in 4 th grade.

14 Retention Students who are retained MUST have a high performing teacher as determined by the teacher’s student performance data or performance reviews. District will need a policy for students to move on to 4 th grade any time they demonstrate proficiency in reading, including the summer before 4 th grade and in the middle of the year. After being retained, interventions MUST include at least 90 minutes of reading daily. Intense remediation services will occur UNTIL the student is reading at grade level.

15 Reporting Requirements Districts will be required to report the number of students on an RIMP each year and the type of interventions used by the end of the 2012-13 school year. Districts must report results of K-3 diagnostic assessments in reading to ODE. ODE then will issue an annual report showing by district and by school building the number and % of students performing below grade level in reading, the types of intervention services provided, and evaluation of those intervention services.

16 Other Interesting Information

17 No Additional Funds $13 million has been set aside to create grants to help districts with the additional fiscal cost of implementing the third grade reading guarantee. All applications must be submitted to ODE by December 31, 2012. Grant applications will receive priority if they utilize public-private partnerships or involve collaboration with educational service centers, other districts or local entities.

18 ODE Guidance ODE will provide guidance on the alternative reading assessment in addition to the state test by spring of 2013. ODE will provide guidance on the intervention and intensive reading instruction by spring 2013 – they haven’t specifically told us what to do yet for interventions. ODE will develop the RIMP template and release it in 2013-14, one year after we are required to have it in place. We will have to temporarily develop our own and then determine whether to continue using that or the state designed plan.

19 Retention Estimates ScoreRetention Estimate 40017,000 students (Proficient) 39210,000 students 3908,900 students 3855,700 students (Basic) Maximum number of students eligible for retention based on 2010-11 data

20 ODE Website Updates


22 “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” - Dr. Seuss

23 Thank You Huron City Schools and ODE! QUESTIONS?

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