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Newspaper Creative Benchmark Report BMW July 2011.

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1 Newspaper Creative Benchmark Report BMW July 2011

2 It’s a component of the Newspaper Effectiveness Metric which is run by the newspaper industry marketing body, The Newspaper Works. A monthly study designed; To measure and identify the effectiveness of newspaper creative To help improve understanding of how to use newspapers effectively To improve the understanding of the roles newspaper advertising can play To improve the standard of newspaper creative To provide a consistent metric that is accepted as the industry standard BMW was included in the July 2011 study

3 Pre/post effectiveness studies, measuring in-market effects and how newspaper work with Television Comparison of creative against category averages Comprehensive analysis of how newspapers can best be used to influence purchase behaviour The Newspaper Works’ effectiveness partner:

4 BMW was one of three Auto ads tested in Sydney (nine ads in total) Sample: Australians 16+ Fieldwork: 20-26 th July 2011 Conducted online by Ipsos MediaCT Benchmarks used: Automotive Averages Newspaper Norms Newspaper Averages ( for Action Map comparisons, data available from March 2010)

5 Recognised industry measures + Newspaper measures Proprietary newspaper measures The Newspaper Works’ effectiveness partner: Ad Recognition Brand Linkage Message Comprehension Brand Equity Impact Role Map Action Map Newspaper Creative Diagnostics

6 6 Toyota ads being benchmarked Ad benchmarked ‘All New BMX X3’ Appearance: Melbourne, March 2011 Test Market: Sydney Size: FPC Tested: July 2011 Sample: People 16+, n=111

7 Branded Newspaper Benchmarks

8 Ad recognition and brand linkage can be affected by both the timing and weight of a campaign. Sample sizes for this question are low, therefore result should be used with caution. Significantly different to Auto Average at 90% c.l. Automotive Average Newspaper Norm *nb: brand linkage samples very low N=8

9 Significantly high scores were achieved for improved familiarity/ understanding, and differentiation. Significantly different to Auto Average at 90% c.l. +17 +21 Automotive Average Newspaper Norm

10 Automotive Average Newspaper Norm The ad has achieved high scores against all positive creative diagnostics, closely following the Newspaper Norm shape. The images were especially well received, over achieving versus Norms on these measures.

11 Newspaper Auto Diagnostics Significant scores were achieved for two our of four key Auto Diagnostics, with a positive response to the quality and style attributes highlighted in the advertising Significantly different to Retail Average at 90% c.l. +12 Automotive Average Newspaper Norm +9

12 72% of respondents were able to feedback some or all of the key messages within the ad. Only 28% lacked understanding of a key message, which may be attributed to lack of interest or relevance (e.g. mentions of being a non-driver therefore disinterested)

13 What did the respondents say about the ad? More stylish than other car ads A clear, well thought out ad that stimulates the need to know more Its large and clear but is very similar to other car ads. The BMW ad has a great photo & looks like an expensive car which is out of my league Quality and style Information Expensive / Respondent not in the market Because I like the BMW Brand I would automatically check out the ad. This ad is sophisticated, slick and eye- catching and is probably better than most newspaper ads for cars Quite nice, decent amount of information. However, as someone who is not in the market to buy a new car I probably would not pay much attention to it Accentuates the fact that BMW is a quality brand, apparently with some innovation

14 The ad has scored significantly high results for Affinity, Reappraisal and Information, generating a strong Role Map that taps into a lengthy brand consideration process Significantly different to Newspaper Norms at 90% c.l. Automotive Average Newspaper Norm

15 The strongest actions provoked by ad the ad are Web Search, WOM and ‘remember for later’ which is a mental bookmarking, important for increased brand equity and consideration in the longer term Newspaper Average* Significantly different to Auto Average at 90% c.l.

16 Performance Comparisons

17 Comparison with previously tested BMW ads Outstanding sales incentives Market: Brisbane Size: FPC Tested: June 2009 Sample: People 16+, n=97 Ultimate Market: Melbourne Size: HPC Tested: June 2009 Sample: People 16+, n=100

18 The ad for X3 produces a similar Creative diagnostics map to that produced by the ad for ‘Outstanding Sales…’. The key point of difference is that the X3 ad ‘highlights an important feature’ with

19 The ‘Outstanding sales’ ad delivers well on Affinity and meets Norms for driving a Call to Action and delivering Information. Clearly though, the X3 ad is more successful at driving Affinity, Reappraisal and Information. Flattering consumers on their decision making skills Automotive Average Newspaper Norm

20 The X3 ad has scored well with most creative diagnostics conforming closely to Norms. The imagery used in the 7 Series execution is highly appealing, generating a highly positive diagnostics map

21 The ‘Ultimate’ execution delivers very strong results on Affinity and Extension but otherwise results sit within Norms / Averages Flattering consumers on their decision making skills Automotive Average Newspaper Norm

22 Comparing these examples on driving Affinity Of the three BMW ads tested, the Ultimate, 7 series ad does the most to generate Affinity, however the gap between that and the X3 execution is statistically inconsequential

23 Comparing these examples on demonstrating Reappraisal Interestingly, the X3 ad does the best job at generating Reappraisal, which is a critical component when wanting to bring new potential car purchasers to consider your brand

24 Comparing these examples on delivering Information The X3 ad is the most successful by far at driving delivery of Information.

25 Comparison of Key Auto Diagnostics Looks like a car I can be proud of I can see myself driving The appealing imagery of the Ultimate, 7 Series ad makes this the BMW respondents are most likely to be proud of, however all three ads perform well above averages on this diagnostic The X3 ad is the car they most see themselves driving…which demonstrates that the ad has done a great job of providing creative that is relevant and motivating Automotive average

26 The ad for the new X3 is a good example of how a slightly different approach can deliver just as strong, if not stronger overall results than taking the typical auto ad route The ad helped the brand be seen as offering something different from competitors, and comfortably met all positive creative diagnostics Role Map results showed the ad delivered very high results for Affinity, Reappraisal, and providing Information, providing relevant communication at key steps towards consideration and purchase of a new vehicle. Compared to other BMW ads we’ve tested, the X3 ad drives the greatest amount of Reappraisal, provides the best level of Information, and is seen as the car respondents can most see themselves driving. This ad works well at motivating people in the market right now, people researching the market for later, and long term considerers, as it relies on information as it’s key selling point, rather than a price point or sales event.


28 Established in 2006 by the major Australian newspaper publishers: – News Limited – Fairfax Media (including Rural Press) – APN News and Media – West Australian Newspapers Represents paid national, metropolitan, regional and community titles. Primary aims: – To promote newspapers as a powerful medium for advertisers – To ensure that newspapers are perceived as being contemporary and relevant in a transforming media landscape

29 Testing of randomly selected and hand picked newspaper display ads Over 3,000 ad observations in total 25 test ads (27 randomly selected, 9 hand picked) 100+ observations per ad Population representative sample of the five mainland state capitals Conducted online by Ipsos Media CT, 2009 Creation of Automotive Averages

30 Creation of All Newspaper norms Testing of randomly selected newspaper display ads 5,100 ad observations in total 40 test ads, 100+ observations per ad Population representative sample of the five mainland state capitals Conducted online by Ipsos Media CT, July-August 2008 Sample size 1,737

31 Newspapers are a powerful medium to utilise across a broad range of strategic roles. Six strategic advertising roles have been validated both qualitatively and quantitatively, resulting in the creation of Role Map, one of two proprietary newspaper metrics. Role Map demonstrates how consumers connect with newspaper advertising across the six roles, comparing the performance of creative against a footprint of all ads tested. Retail average Statements are tailored to be appropriate to the advertising category.

32 Newspapers are recognised as an effective medium for delivering a Call to Action. Action Map, the third proprietary newspaper metric, expands on this strategic role to provide an understanding of the types of action a newspaper ad inspires. Measured via forced exposure, people are asked about the actions they would consider taking (or have taken) as a result of seeing the ad. New measure introduced in March 2010, norm not yet available.

33 Another proprietary newspaper metric provides a set of creative diagnostics unique to the attributes of newspaper advertising. They’ve been developed to help identify areas for improvement where results across other brand and advertising measures may require further analysis and interrogation. Retail average Statements are tailored to be appropriate to the advertising category.

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