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Writing Performance Tasks* for CTE *also known as Writing Tasks.

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1 Writing Performance Tasks* for CTE *also known as Writing Tasks

2 Performance Tasks Reflect content covered in text dependent questions Demonstrate ability to think and reason Produce fully developed writing Are more than a summary of information – they address a specific prompt provided by the teacher Require students to proofread and edit their work Provide evidence of college and career readiness

3 Performance Tasks are the 3 rd Step in the ELA CCRS integration process Steps: 1. Read the text  Close reading of complex text  Analysis of graphs, charts, other visuals  Research topic/issue/ problem 2. Process Information  Discussion  Clarification of challenging vocabulary / concepts  Text dependent questions 3. Complete Performance Task  Culminating task – synthesis of all pertinent information  Could range from a well- written paragraph to a full essay  Authentic product if possible (i.e. a letter)  Requires editing and revisions

4 General Guidelines for Developing Performance Tasks Measures understanding, analysis, and the ability to provide relevant evidence Synthesizes information from multiple sources, if possible Demonstrates knowledge and skills of content covered as well as reading and writing proficiency Reflects real-world tasks when feasible Requires students to plan, write, revise, and edit

5 General Specifications for Performance Tasks Performance task are extended responses that reflect the summary of the content covered through text-dependent questions Academic and domain-specific vocabulary should be used in student writing CTE Performance Task Writing Rubrics should be used for assessment – there is one for Explanatory, and one for Argumentative pieces (If your school has designated a different rubric, use that one)

6 There are two versions of the rubric, depending upon the writing task

7 Scoring Information (refer to a rubric) How CTE performance tasks will be scored: – Followed directions/addressed prompt—how well the writer understood and fulfilled the requirements of the task. – Elaboration of evidence or claim—how well the writer provided evidence from sources about his/her opinions and elaborate with specific information – Sentence flow – sentences read naturally and make sense – Organization—how well ideas logically flowed from the introduction to conclusion using effective transitions – Language and Vocabulary—how effectively the writer expressed ideas using precise language that is appropriate for the audience and purpose – Spelling and Grammar—how well the rules of usage, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling were followed as well as the accuracy of spelling – Citing evidence – how effectively the writing refers back to the relevant information in the article

8 Guidelines for Writing and Administering Performance Tasks Refer back to the text dependent questions Construct a prompt that incorporates most, if not all of the information gained from answering text dependent questions Share the rubric being used with students Have students write first drafts Students edit (possibly reading aloud to a partner) Final drafts are written and submitted for assessment

9 It’s important enough to repeat… Go over the rubric in detail with students prior to assigning the performance task! Copy enough rubrics for students to have access to throughout the writing process, and turn in a copy with their final papers

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