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SAT Process Larianne Polk 402-564-0815.

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1 SAT Process Larianne Polk 402-564-0815

2 SAT Organization

3 Potential SAT Members May consider: General Educators Parents Administrator Other Specialists (i.e., social workers, counselors, reading specialist, etc.) Others by invitation: * Special Educators * School Psychologist

4 SAT - Where, when, how long? Where Quiet, PRIVATE space When The problem-solving team can convene during screening (Tier I) or progress monitoring (Tiers 2 and 3). How long Develop a schedule for the meetings and stick with it Efficiently utilize time Erica Lembke

5 SAT Set-Up Establish a clear team process and meeting procedures. Publicize your team and its services to your faculty, other staff, and parents Create an inventory of resources in your building that can be used by your intervention team Try out the intervention team roles and meeting procedures at least two or three times in actual meetings before accepting your first staff referral Intervention Central

6 Definition of Roles SAT Coordinator: Accepting referrals, disseminating referral information to team members, assigning case manager and assisting as needed, maintaining official records of the SAT, setting meeting date and time, facilitating the meeting, setting follow-up date SAT Case manager: Check with referral teacher, observations, follow-up phone calls with parents, assist with intervention, check on intervention integrity SAT members: Attend/participate meeting, share interventions ideas, represent the team within the school and community, support team decisions and recommendations Referral Teacher: Bring documentation, pinpoint target areas with team members, follow through with intervention suggestions Parent: Providing suggestions of interventions and follow through with suggested interventions. Child: Offer insight into what motivates them, share areas of concern, and provide possible adaptations that would help them in the classroom

7 Activity: Questions to Help SAT Members Organize

8 How to Structure a SAT Typically 10 to 15 minutes Assessing teacher concerns Inventory of strengths and talents Review base line data Select target teacher concerns Define top 1 or 2

9 How to Structure a SAT, cont. Set academic/behavioral goals Design and intervention plan Method of monitoring progress If no parent, plan how to share with him/her Review Set a timer!

10 SAT Forms

11 SAT Process


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