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Assistance Team Procedures 2010-2011 East Iredell Middle School Sept 15, 2010.

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1 Assistance Team Procedures East Iredell Middle School Sept 15, 2010

2 Percentage of Special Education Referrals Determined to Be Eligible % % % Assistance Team Training Ceased %

3 Percentage of Special Education Referrals Determined to Be Eligible Current rate determined by looking at both initial referrals from Assistance Team plus Out of State Transfers Does NOT include S/L students served by Assistance Team in determining another area of eligibility : 61.6%

4 Percentage of Special Education Referrals Determined to Be Eligible Non EC Students Plus S/L Students Referred by Assistance Team for Evaluation in : 52% Goal 90%

5 EC Eligibility Rate by Referral Source Teacher: 62.5% Parent (Student Enrolled in ISS): 37.5% Parent (Private/Home School): 11%

6 Students Involved in Assistance Team Process Of the 343 students involved in the Assistance Team Process, 156 were found to be in need of Special Education Services (45%) What did the other 55% need?

7 Student Support Plan Addressing student needs in Regular Education SSP form revised to include much of the information previously included on the Assistance Team forms (All Teachers will be trained on the new SSP form by September 17)

8 SSP to A-Team A copy of the Student Support Plan will now be used as part of the Assistance Team information

9 Assistance Team Process A teacher does not bring the student to the Assistance Team, the student’s data brings him/her to the Assistance Team

10 The Assistance Team Team of academic/behavioral advisors whose aim is to determine research based interventions to assist students Middle School: Chairperson, 6 th Rep, 7 th Rep, 8 th Rep

11 Assistance Team Chairperson Responsibilities Arrange for School Wide Training on the Assistance Team Process by September 30, 2010 Facilitate access to Assistance Team forms Check SSP and Assistance Team forms for accuracy Facilitate Parental Notification

12 Assistance Team Chairperson Responsibilities Facilitate completion of observations, vision, hearing, and speech/language screenings Schedule and facilitate Assistance Team meetings in a timely manner Facilitate data collection and recording

13 Assistance Team Chairperson Responsibilities Deliver completed forms to Program Specialist if referred to Special Education File forms in Cum File if not referred to Special Education Maintain log of students served by the Assistance Team

14 Student Support Plan (K-2) Page 1

15 Student Support Plan (3-12) Page 1

16 Student Support Plan - Page 2

17 Student Support Plan - Page 3

18 Assistance Team Member Responsibilities Develop and maintain catalogue of school intervention resources (what, where, who) Facilitate determination of specific area of concern Facilitate determination of data to be used for baseline and progress monitoring

19 And… Determine appropriate research based interventions Data interpretation and intervention adjustment Next Step decisions

20 Assistance Team Process A teacher does not bring the student to the Assistance Team, the student’s data brings him/her to the Assistance Team

21 Assistance Team Process: Prior to Meeting 1 Obtain copy of Student Support Plan and check for completeness If a student has an existing SSP it is appropriate to use a combination of old and new SSP forms making sure all necessary information is present

22 and Parental Notification of Screening is sent (keep copy and record date on A Team form)

23 Assistance Team Process: Prior to Meeting 1 If SSP vision screening is current within 6 months, record on A Team Form. If not, request new vision screening from school nurse using Vision Screening form Record results on A Team form

24 Assistance Team Process: Prior to Meeting 1 Request school Speech Therapist to complete hearing and speech language screening using the A Team Hearing and Speech form Record on A Team form

25 Assistance Team Process: Prior to Meeting 1 Obtain third party –Academic AND –Functional Observations:

26 Academic –Academic: Observation in the classroom during instruction in the academic/behavioral area of concern

27 Functional –Functional: Observation in a non- instructional setting focusing on the student’s ability to interact appropriately with others, conform to conventions, follow school procedures, etc.

28 Assistance Team Process: Prior to Meeting 1 Review previous evaluations Record previous results on A Team form or attach copy of DEC 3 Record what evidence exists which suggests the student is or is not more likely to meet eligibility for EC services if assessed again

29 Indicate on A Team form that SSP copy is attached and complete

30 Core Strategies/Remediation Core Strategy: High Yield Instructional Strategies used with the entire class

31 Remediation Remediation: Strategies aimed at re-teaching core content when mastery is not obtained on the first try and a different method for delivering the content or skill is needed.

32 Research Based Interventions “…have been shown through one or more valid research studies to help a student improve academic, behavioral/emotional or functional skills. The interventions used prior to determining eligibility for special education and related services must be designed to address the skills deficiency of the particular individual student.” (Public Schools of North Carolina)

33 Research Based Interventions Are NOT: –Preferential Seating –Praise and Attention –Parent Contacts –Doing MORE of the same –Shortened Assignments –Stress Ball

34 Research Based Interventions Sadly, most of the interventions utilized by our assistance teams this past year were either Core Strategies or Remediation

35 Research Based Interventions Targeted assistance based on Progress Monitoring: Administered by the classroom teacher, specialized teacher, or external interventionist Provides additional instruction and can be individual, small group, and/or technology assisted

36 What Do I Do When Someone Hands Me a Parent Referral At Open House?

37 Parent Referral Teacher Referral: 90 day timeline begins the day the Assistance Team paperwork is delivered to the IEP Team Parent Referral: 90 day timeline begins the day the parent makes a written request for an evaluation to determine eligibility for EC services

38 Parent Referral Of the 27 ninety day timeline overages in , 16 (59%) were parent referrals

39 Parent Referral Contrary to Popular Belief: –A parent referral does NOT make the process easier, in fact, it becomes more complicated –A parent referral does NOT remove ANY of the required components necessary to determine eligibility for Exceptional Children’s services

40 Parent Referral A parent referral DOES create a necessity to perform various processes (SSP, A Team interventions, evaluation) simultaneously in order to meet the 90 day timeline

41 Parent Referral **MAKE SURE ALL TEACHERS KNOW TO GIVE PARENT REQUESTS TO THE ASSISTANCE TEAM CHAIRPERSON IMMEDIATELY** When you receive a parent referral, immediately send the “Parental Notification of Screening” Notify EVERYONE: School Administrator EC Program Specialist EC IEP Team Facilitator School Psychologist Current Teacher

42 Parent Referral Determine what information exists and what needs to be collected –Is there an existing SSP and what does it contain? If none, regular teacher will need to begin this process immediately –What screenings are needed (vision, hearing, etc?) –Arrange for screenings and observations to be completed

43 ParentReferral Schedule first Assistance Team meeting in conjunction with the IEP Team Facilitator. The first A Team meeting will also be the EC referral meeting (IEP Team Facilitator will invite parent using EC invitation form)

44 ParentReferral Parent is formally invited and encouraged to attend Meeting should be held within 3 weeks of request receipt

45 Parent Referral At this point the process runs the same as a teacher referral At the completion of the Assistance Team Process, the final meeting will also occur concurrently with the EC eligibility determination meeting

46 Questions ?

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