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High Desert Fitness Presents Nutrition: Back to the Basics.

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1 High Desert Fitness Presents Nutrition: Back to the Basics

2 Who am I What makes me certified to teach this?  Tom Temple  ISSA Certified Elite Trainer  Certified Fitness Trainer  Specialist in Exercise Therapy  Specialist in Fitness Nutrition  Live with Sheena

3 Today’s Discussion  Back to the Basics  Our eight week goals  Basic macro-nutrients  Suggest eating pattern  How we track

4 Our Eight Weekly Goals The basics of High Desert Fitness’s nutrition plan 1. Hydrate 2. Include Complex Carbs and Lean Protein 3. Take a Daily Multivitamin 4. Eat More Often! 5. Stop Eating at Least 2 Hours Before Bed 6. Limit Sodium 7. Increase Fiber 8. Limit Sugar Intake

5 What is a macro-nutrient?  Three macro-nutrients  Protein  Fats  Carbohydrates  Proteins  Lean meats  Salmon  Eggs  Low-fat Greek yogurt Definition: A nutrient required in large amounts.  Carbohydrates  Fruits  Veggies  Grains  Fats  Nuts & Nut-butters  Avocados  Oils – Fish, Olive, Coconut

6  We suggest eating every 2-3 hours throughout the day starting shortly you wake.  Each meal should consist of  Lean Protein  1 or 2 Complex Carbs  You should consume between 20 to 40% of you food intake from healthy fats  The amount depends on your goals  Water! Water! Water! How should we eat? Suggested Eating Patterns

7 How do I know how much I’m eating?  There are many different way to track your food consumption  At High Desert Fitness we suggest using the Daily Plate  Login to  Click on Register (top right of page)  After registering, click on my calories goals: You will be prompted to answer questions that will allot a personalized calorie count  Click on food to submit calories consumed and fitness to submit calories burned.  Tracking Tips 1. Do not choose anything more than 1 pound of weight loss per week… ease into your new habit! 2. Only track 4-5 days initially. The purpose of Live Strong is to give you a better idea of what you are currently consuming compared to what you should be consuming. It’s a great tool to use as a “reality check” once every 4-6 weeks.

8 What to expect in the future!  How to navigate the Grocery  Extreme Kitchen Makeovers  What do you mean Sugars not good for me?  The Fruit and Veggie Lesson  Healthy eating on travel…it can be done.  And many more!!

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