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The Five Themes of Geography A Framework for Studying the World

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1 The Five Themes of Geography A Framework for Studying the World
Based on National Geography Standards Created by Ms. Panasyan, Instructional Coach for 7th grade students

2 Theme 1: Location Two Types of Location Where is it? Absolute
Relative Where is it? Why is it There?

3 Absolute Location A specific place on the Earth’s surface
Uses a grid system Latitude and longitude A global address

4 Sacramento: (capital city) 38º 34' N, 121º 29' W
CALIFORNIA Absolute Location Sacramento: (capital city) 38º 34' N, 121º 29' W Los Angeles: (largest city) 34º 03' N, 118º 14' W

5 Let’s practice

6 Relative Location Where a place is in relation to another place
Uses directional words to describe Cardinal and intermediate directions

7 California California is bordered by Oregon
on the north, Mexico south, and Nevada and Arizona on the east. The Pacific Ocean forms California’s west coast. California is one of the Southwestern States of the US.

8 Theme 2: Place Physical Characteristics
Land Features Mountains, plains, and plateaus Climate Bodies of Water

9 CALIFORNIA: Physical Characteristics
Mt. Shasta Redwood Forest

10 Theme 2: Place Human Characteristics
People Culture Language Religion Buildings and Landmarks Cities

11 California: Human Characteristics
GETTY MUSEUM Downtown LA Disneyland

12 Theme 3: Human Environment Interaction
How People Interact With Their Environment People . . . Adapt to Their Environment Modify Their Environment Depend on Their Environment

13 California: Human-Environment Interaction

14 Theme 4: Movement The Mobility of People Goods Ideas
How Places are linked to one another and the world

15 California: Movement

16 Theme 5: Regions What Places Have in Common Political Regions
Landform Regions Agricultural Regions Cultural Regions

17 California: Regions Steve Pierce

18 Assignment “What does each theme look like?”
1. Create pictures, drawings, or symbols to visually represent each of the fives themes of geography. Your picture should clearly describe the theme. Be creative, and thoughtful. 2.On page 7, write a paragraph explaining which theme is the most important for geographers to teach people about geography and why? 3. On page 8, write a paragraph explaining which theme is your favorite in learning about geography and why?

19 Criteria for completing 5 themes of Geography Booklet In order to get an “A” on the assignment I should have the following information : Vista Heading, Creative title of the project, ____/5 Movement tab ( description, colored picture, sentence) ­­____/5 Place tab (description, colored picture, sentence) Location tab (description, colored picture, sentence) ­­­­____/5 Interaction (description, colored picture, sentence) ­­­____/5 Region (description, colored picture, sentence) My opinion page ( complete paragraph 5-7 sentences); correct grammar & punctuation ___/10 The most interesting theme page(complete paragraph, 5-7 sentences) ;l correct grammar & punctuation Total points: ____/50

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