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Running Start Planning and Information. WEB PAGE What you will find……. Catalog Quarterly Schedule on web Kiosk Info (grades, transcripts)

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1 Running Start Planning and Information

2 WEB PAGE What you will find……. Catalog Quarterly Schedule on web Kiosk Info (grades, transcripts) Bookstore Info Schedule Planner Web Registration

3 CLARK COLLEGE CATALOG Online ▫Select catalog link Catalog provides all course descriptions Su, F, W, Sp designations/quarter offerings are subject to change Catalog is subject to changes and edits

4 RUNNING START HANDBOOK Important information included Found at

5 FALL 2013 SCHEDULE Fall schedule is online now at Academics > Class Schedule > Term: Fall 2013 Print Enrollment Verification Form from Complete form and schedule an appointment with your counselor to sign it Turn in E.V. form to RS office by the end of this school year (the earlier the better)

6 STEP 1: FORECASTING See high school counselor to review your Enrollment Verification (E.V.) Form EACH QUARTER Counselor must: ▫ indicate high school “FTE” (course load) ▫ indicate # of college credits allowed according to formula ▫indicate high school equivalency for courses ▫ sign form Student must bring signed form to the RS office, Gaiser Hall, with photo ID

7 How many credits can you take at Clark (FTE)? Number of Classes at Bay Number of Credits you can take at Clark 0 or 1 Class15 Credits 2 Classes12 Credits 3 Classes10 Credits 4 Classes6 Credits 5 or 6 Classes3 Credits

8 STEP 2: ONLINE REGISTRATION Credit maximum funded by RS depends on high school course load (see chart above) You may not get your first choice of class or time Have a back-up plan and enroll in classes that are open First quarter you register at conclusion of New Student Orientation Subsequent quarters your registration date/time is assigned by number of credits earned

9 STEP 3: FEES RS pays for some or all of your tuition, depending on high school course load RS does NOT cover fees or textbooks Print your “Student Schedule” to determine what you owe $ amount you owe will not be correct until you bring your Enrollment Verification Form to RS Pay fees and/or tuition online, or by phone, or at Cashier Office before the deadline

10 NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION (NSO) NSO’s are mandatory For those starting in the fall, sign-up June 3 or later for an NSO and select “Fall” at Fall NSO’s start in July and go through September You will register in a computer lab at the end of your NSO; bring photo ID Allow 3 hours for orientation and registration

11 FALL QUARTER 2013 Classes begin on Monday, Sept. 23 Plan class times at Clark around your high school classes and allow enough time to get to Clark Afternoon and evening classes are more likely to be open at Clark Columbia Tech Center (CTC) and Clark Center at WSUV (CCW) locations are more likely to have open classes

12 CREDIT RATIO 5 COLLEGE CREDITS = 1 H.S. CREDIT 4 COLLEGE CREDITS = 0.8 H.S. CREDIT 3 COLLEGE CREDITS = 0.6 H.S. CREDIT 2 COLLEGE CREDITS = 0.4 H.S. CREDIT 1 COLLEGE CREDIT = 0.2 H.S. CREDIT You will substitute Clark classes for classes at your high school, approved by your high school counselor Content requirements may vary

13 IMPORTANT You will keep the same schedule at Bay all year, so you will need to also keep same schedule at Clark. If you start out in the fall with morning classes at Clark, you will continue with that schedule all year.

14 STRUGGLING? Talk to instructor first See Running Start Advisor Seek free tutoring Drop class(es) by using a “Change of Registration” form and take to Registration Office at Clark Drop by end of 8th week of quarter If you don’t withdraw from the course, your GPA will suffer (both high school & Clark) Probation/Suspension policy on college website

15 DOS AND DONTS DO check your student email regularly DO contact Clark if you move DO ask for help DO complete a “change form” if you stop attending a class or you will get an F DO read the syllabus DO take college seriously DON’T miss deadlines DON’T plagiarize (see course syllabus) DON’T overload yourself with too many credits DON’T over commit DON’T have your parent or counselor call to ask a question

16 REVIEW OF NEXT STEPS STEP ONE: Schedule at Meeting with your counselor to review Enrollment Verification Form and turn into Running Start Office by end of school year STEP TWO: June 3 or later sign-up for NSO, “Fall” STEP THREE: Attend NSO (in July, August, or September) and register online while there STEP FOUR: Pay any fees and/or tuition before due date

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