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Drop For Non-Payment FAQs Enrollment Services 714-895-8306.

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1 Drop For Non-Payment FAQs Enrollment Services 714-895-8306


3 I’ve registered, now what? To secure your spot in your classes, pay all fees immediately, including the health fee, college service charge and any material fees.

4 How do I pay my fees? To make your payment by credit card, login to your MyGWC portal account and follow the steps below: 1.Navigate to the Student Tab 2.Go to the “My Account” channel and Click on “insert term” 3.Click on the Credit Card Payment link (at the bottom of the screen) 4.Enter your Credit Card information and click “submit payment”. You may use Master Card, Visa or Discover. 5.Once you have paid your fees, verify the payment was successful by printing out your Student Class Program (web schedule bill)

5 What is the last day I can pay my fees? To avoid being dropped from your classes, check the Drop For Non-Payment schedule:

6 Will I get dropped from all my classes if I don’t pay for the one I just added? Fees for the additional class must also be paid prior to the drop deadline, based on when you added the class. Check the Drop For Non- Payment schedule: *You will not be dropped from classes you’ve previously paid for.

7 I missed the Drop For Non-Payment deadline. How do I get back into my classes? Students dropped for non-payment must follow standard registration procedures and register into open classes or waitlist into filled classes.

8 If I add classes after the semester starts, will I be dropped if I don’t pay my fees? No. Once the semester begins, students are responsible for paying all fees or dropping courses, according to posted deadlines.

9 I have a scholarship that will pay my fees. What do I do next? Contact Enrollment Services immediately after you register: 714-895-8121.

10 I am a Veteran receiving benefits, so I don’t have to pay for fees, right? Contact the Veterans Office immediately after you register. Call 714-895-8140 or stop by in person.

11 I’m a financial aid student, so I don’t have to pay for anything, right? BOG Fee Waivers pay enrollment fees ONLY. Students with a BOG Fee Waiver must pay the required health fee, college service charge and materials fees or you will be dropped from your classes if you register prior to the start of the semester. If you have applied for financial aid, please check your status online to verify all required documents have been submitted. – Follow these steps to check your Financial Aid status online: 1. Go to and log 2. Click on the link titled “Check your Financial Aid Status” 3. Follow the instructions

12 I owe a lot of money and can’t afford to pay it all at once. What are my options? Golden West College has also made available a payment plan through Tuition Pay, administered by Higher One®. – The payment plan is available for students owing $150 or more for the current registration term. This payment plan requires a student to have a personal checking account. For more information visit: – You MUST complete signing up for Tuition Pay by 12 p.m. (noon) of the scheduled drop day to ensure that you are not dropped from classes. Check the Drop For Non-Payment schedule: *Your Tuition Pay contract must equal the amount of registration fees assessed for your enrollment.

13 What if I owe less than $150 and I’m not a financial aid student? If you owe less than $150 dollars and are having difficulty paying the balance prior to the payment deadline, you may contact Enrollment Services at (714) 895-8121 to complete a late payment agreement.

14 Contact the GWC Enrollment Center at (714) 895-8306 if you have any questions regarding your registration and payment.

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